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{Life} Not Today

Written by: Amie Comber

Life.  Just that simple word makes me think of a million moments.  Moments like driving down a freshly paved road as the black pavement darkly contrasts against the stark yellow lines swerving back and forth into the horizon.  Or feeling the rough stones beneath my fingertips as I search for a handhold to climb one step higher to reach the top of the rock wall.  I think of hearing the splashes of millions of raindrops hitting the leaves on the row of bushes in my front yard, and taking warm and gooey chocolate chip cookies out of the oven.  Life.  My life is made up of so many moments.  From my very first breath in a foreign world, to this very moment as I try to vaguely grasp a few beautiful moments that make me think of my unique life.  Every moment has grown me in some way.

In this world that I woke up in many years ago, I have spent most of my beautiful moments smiling and laughing.  But I have also spent time fretting over fleeting problems, and battling many hard moments that make up the storms in our lives.  I’ve come to believe that every young lady has a list of specific lies.  They’re the lies that she will believe easily and they’re the most hurtful when they’re thrown at her heart.  Satan knows exactly what they are, and when she is at her weakest he whispers them into her ear over and over.  When I formulated this mental image of the enemy attacking me with a personal lie concocted just for me, it changed how I viewed my life.

Life.  My life is a battle.  It’s a spiritual battle between light and dark.  Every moment has choices, emotions, and either truth or a lie wrapped up into it.  God is a God of truth, love, and light, which means that Satan is the opposite with: lies, hate, and darkness.  God ALWAYS tells us the truth, and Satan will ALWAYS counter that truth with a lie.  When I feel a storm coming on, I realize that it’s not just simply a bad day, but I take a step back to evaluate what lies are behind the emotion or turmoil I feel like I’m facing.  When I find that lie behind a moment I shut it down.

Sweet girl, you do not have to be prey to falling and fleeting emotions.  You do not have to let the enemy knock you down time after time with a lie.  No.  Truth always wins.  Love always wins.  Light always shuts out the darkness.  The Holy Spirit living inside of you is stronger than any lie that could ever be thrown at you.  

That’s when I started saying two words.  


Sometimes I whisper it when I feel the tears about to spill over as I feel rejected, and sometimes I shout it and hear it echo off the empty walls as I battle the invisible words telling me “I’m not good enough,” that course through my mind.  Is a lie yelling at you?  Then SCREAM back the truth.  I promise you, the truth of God’s Word and God’s love will ALWAYS be stronger than that lie.  Do I have to feel alone?  NOT TODAY- because my God tells me He is always with me.  Do I have to feel like I’m not good enough?  NOT TODAY- He MADE me and cherishes me.  Those lies do not have to touch me today.  Repeat after me. “I AM LOVED. I AM HIS. NOT TODAY SATAN. NOT TODAY.”

Say that phrase as many times as you need to throughout your day.  You were given this beautiful day as a gift and you don’t need to let a lie steal precious moments away from you.  I have a challenge for you.  Right now, take out a whiteboard marker or a pen and paper and write in big bold letters, NOT TODAY.  Write it in a place where you can see it often.  I wrote mine on my bathroom mirror.  It’s the first thing I see in the morning as the sun reflects off of it, and it’s the last thing I see before I turn off my light.

Take everyday given to you, sweet girl, and live it to the fullest.  Every single day is filled with so many moments that are unique and should be treasured.  Remember your new phrase, and throw it back at the enemy when the lies creep in to take away what could be another beautiful moment.  NOT TODAY.  Today will be Yours, Lord.  Today will be beautiful.

Driving down the freshly paved road I whisper “not today” as I feel like fretting over the thought of not looking right for the people awaiting me at my destination.  Climbing one handhold at a time on the rock wall I think “not today” as the lie creeps in that I’m not strong enough to make it to the top.  As I walk out into a stormy day with the rain whipping my hair wildly about I answer the storm back, “NOT TODAY” as I feel the frustration about to creep in and sour my spirit.  Today is the Lord’s.  Live like it, sweet girl.

Until next time,
~ Amie  


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