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{14 Days of LOVE} Exceeding Expectations

Written By: Caroline Harries

As a little girl I dreamed of the day of becoming a wife and then a mom.  My reality has been much different than I had planned.  In my early and mid 20’s, I became the ’27 dresses’ girl.  While all my friends were getting married, I continued to get my heart broken.  I wasn’t sure when I was going to finally meet the man the Lord had for me.

As always, God brought someone in my life who was more than I could have asked for or imagined.  You know the list that you have in the back of your mind of what you want in someone?  Well sure enough God exceeded that.

My now husband, Colby, and I met in October 2009.  At the time we were going to the same church, but since I had been in other relationships, I had never attended the single adults group.  However, that changed and we started running around in the same circle.  Colby was looking for volunteers for a service project he had and I was more than willing to help!  In fact, I already had my eye on him and made sure to write down my name and number to help volunteer for his event.

After exchanging a few emails, conversing at a church retreat, and going on our first date, the rest really is history.  We connected immediately and it wasn’t too long before we knew we wanted to marry each other.  11 months later and Colby surprised me by proposing.  He also invited all of my friends and family to celebrate with us.  Another 5 months after that and we were saying “I Do”.

My love story was nothing like I imagined it would be.  It’s not how I wanted it, but it’s so much better.  God knew what He was doing and I am so glad He hand picked such a wonderful man for me to marry!  This April we will celebrate 5 years of marriage.

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Presentation1Caroline blogs over at In Due Time, which she started back in April of 2012.  In 2011 her life changed for the better when she got married to her sweet husband, Colby.  Besides working as a financial analyst and blogging, she enjoys spending time with Colby, travelling, watching football, and attending various small groups and Bible studies.  She is a health nut, who enjoys working out and eating healthy.  She has a passion for those who are going through trials, especially those who feel like they are waiting on God to answer their prayers.  Blog Facebook Instagram Pinterest Bloglovin Twitter


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