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{Becoming} BUYING IN

Buying In

‘Beginning Your Becoming’ Series: Part 2– Buying In

Written By: Lanissa Reale

There can be a lot of joy that comes from saying “yes” to things or situations.  Saying yes to a new job, saying yes to the man of your dreams, saying yes to the dress or even a loud yes in response to finally accomplishing a task that you have been working at for months!

But there is an even more powerful yes to be said.  A yes that will pierce through your discomfort and transfer your emotions and thoughts into real reality.  Saying yes to where you are right now even if you don’t like what you see.  Buying in.

We like to be in control, we like to be comfortable, and we like to have it our way… let’s be honest.  Our flesh wants what it wants, and it doesn’t like wearing someone else’s “have faith” shoes.  But we are called to a life of yes’s.  And that means that we have to live presently, and say yes to where we are.  We are called to buy in.

Buying in looks like embracing who we are, the good, the bad and the ugly and knowing that what God made is GOOD, even when we can’t see it.  Buying in looks like embracing whatever may come your way, and not running away from God when life gets hard.  Buying in looks like getting planted in a community of believers, and actually starting to share your life with them.  Buying in looks like getting committed to living your life (in every moment) in response to your relationship with God!

Buying in, IS FUN!

The Lord has sung a song of promise over us, He has spoken secrets to us and given us a glimpse of our future… but He is calling us to even greater things than our future.  He is calling us to our now.  What is YOUR now?

Is it not being able to find a job, is it an overly busy mom, is it experiencing a death in your family, is it finding recent hardships?  And are you saying yes to those things, or are you trying your best, in your mind, to live an alternate reality?

The Lord is telling us that we have to say yes, and to live in pursuit of Him surrounded by His grace in the midst of our uncertainties.  We need to speak faith, trust, reality and truth over ourselves.  Yes I haven’t found the one yet, yes I am going through this hardship, yes I am experiencing some discomfort and pain but YES my God is still faithful.  YES, I will let Him have control over all of my future endeavours and decisions.  YES, I can feel this pain, but I will move forward in grace.  YES, this is not the end.  YES, He is still pleased with me.  YES, I will choose to spend today in pursuit of Him, even if He isn’t giving me answers yet! These yes’s my friends, are the ones that will really change your life.

It is our daily yes’s that allow us to truly Become into the person that He has created us to be.  It isn’t in the grand opportunities, or the shiny successes.  It’s the yes in the wilderness to realize where you are, yet keep going.  It’s the daily saying of yes to where you are and whose you are.

Join me in saying yes.  This could be the best yes you ever proclaimed over yourself.  You can do this, you were made for it! 🙂

Until Next Time,
~ Lanissa Reale (



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