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{Chats with Cheyenne} Standing Firm

Written By: Cheyenne Ranta

Looking out at the dismal trees, I noticed one in particular that stood alone.  At one time it stood proudly with vibrant  leaves that swayed in the wind.  Now it seems slanted and barren from fighting the cold winter days.

This reminds me a lot of our walk with God.  We have our days when we are full of life, but then there are other times where the colour in our lives has dimmed.

But does that mean that our God is not in control?  NO!  He has a plan for us.
In time, those vibrant leaves that were once there will grow back and be as beautiful as they once were.  We go through many seasons in our lives.  Sometimes it’s like we are fighting the winds of life with everything we have.  It seems that if we give in even the slightest, our world will collapse around us, like the tree branch cracking under the pressure of the snow that has built up on it.

Many friends have struggled with the winds of insecurities and the feeling of not being worthy.  And so have I.  But how comforting it is to know that we are able to trust our God, who knows exactly what He’s doing.

The desolate tree stands firm despite being void of leaves and colour.  And so can we!

He sees, hears, feels, and knows everything that we may be going through and he promises us that He will NEVER leave us nor forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:6 ), because He has a perfect plan for us.

Be encouraged.  In due time God will bring back life and colour to your gloomy days.  So stand firm, my friend!

Until next time,


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