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{Faith} Faith in Uncertainty


Written By: Taylor Fast

It is easy to have faith in God when things are going well.  We know God has our back and we are pretty happy with the plan that is put out in front of our lives- faith is easy!  What about having faith in times of uncertainty?  Do you have faith God will be your guide?  Do you remain faithful to God in these times of uncertainty?

I feel like as you enter into the twenty something years of life, there are MANY things that are uncertain.  What school do you want to go to?  What are you going to do for a career?  Who are you going to marrying?  Where are you going to live?  How do you pay for all these things?  (Okay, I’m stressing myself out!)  In my life, graduation from the masters program I am in is right around the corner.  This uncertainty of finally being done school and transitioning into finding a job, and starting my career, is a bit scary!  This is a new role in my life, and change can stress anyone out!

This moment reminds me of walking into a tunnel, it’s dark, you can only see a bit in front of you- but there is someone holding your hand guiding the way.  God is our guide!  Though we may not be able to see much of the pathway, and the pathway can be quite scary at times, our God is always faithful and He will always guide us to safety.

When life gets scary, exciting, or is staying consistent, acknowledge God.  He is with you!  Sometimes it is hard to know if God is listening or cares about what you are going through.  This is when it is time to dig into His Word.  The scriptures show time and time again how God never left His people, and how those words are still true today.

God is always faithful; make sure you continue to be faithful to Him.  The world is sinful and full of uncertainty, but we have a strong God to lean on through all of our problems, one who we can call Father.  Some of our worldly fathers may not be faithful, but our Heavenly Father will never fail you.  Stay strong through your uncertainty today; God is guiding you.

Until Next Time,



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