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{Beauty} A Beautiful Ripple. 

Written By: Amie Comber


It was a windy day.  The kind of day that’s sprinkled with sunshine and puffy clouds that look like boats jumping along the horizon line.  I was in line in a busy café waiting for some coffee and delectable, yet overpriced, dessert.  As I looked up, some bubbly lady caught my attention.  Her eyes held mine and we exchanged smiles.  She came right up to me, gave me a small hug and told me that I had the most beautiful smile she had seen, then she left to go onto whatever her day had in front of her.  It was so simple.  It took almost no effort.  Yet that simple interaction has stuck with me since the day it happened over 10 months ago.  I remember my heart feeling so light, and my smile burst forth to a few more people than normal that day because I felt so beautiful and noticed.

Often, I think of beauty as something that I want to achieve.  Beauty is a personal adjective that I strive for outwardly, inwardly, and all around.  Striving to be beautiful through a joyful complexion, gracefulness, kindness, and in my heart are not bad pursuits whatsoever.  Today, sweet girl, I would like you to try something new.  I want you to temporarily set aside your thoughts of personal beauty and focus that energy on how you could make someone around you feel beautiful.  How can you pass along beauty to another sweet soul?  What small gesture or words of affirmation can be hand-picked and lovingly delivered to change someone’s day, just like that lady changed mine.

I think of the phrase, “a beautiful ripple.”  When I cast a stone into a sparkling pond it plops through the surface of the water and gurgles to the sand waiting to catch it at the bottom.  I don’t see how far it sinks down, but I do see the affect of that stone upon the surface.  Let’s say that your efforts to help another young lady feel beautiful represent that stone.  It may sink a foot deep into a pond, or it may travel the depths of the ocean into her heart.  But no matter how deep that act of kindness sinks into someone’s heart, there is always a ripple on the surface.  Whether it’s a small one like a simple smile and a thank you, or if she in turn goes to 5 other ladies to pass along the kindness… you are starting something.  You are starting “a beautiful ripple.”

There were many beautiful ladies in that café that day.  Looking back, I thought the bubbly lady was the most beautiful because she was brave enough to cast her stone.  She didn’t know where it would land, and she didn’t know how I would receive it.  Her stone sank so deep into my heart and I’ve treasured it, and her ripple is still going as this blog post is now rippling it’s way to you.  Your beauty shines the most when you make those around you feel beautiful.

Until next time,


P.S. Feel free to comment below a story of how someone took the time to make you feel beautiful, and the ripple that became of it. xoxo


1 thought on “{Beauty} A Beautiful Ripple. ”

  1. Oh my how crazy the past few days have been. This blog included. It all began Thursday evening as I had went to bed. I had been feeling emotional lately but could not put in words how I really felt. I prayed that whatever I was feeling, would be eliminated or lack thereof fulfilled. How do u pray for something u don’t even know what to ask. Well God knows our hearts and our needs. I woke up showered then looked in the mirror and thought look at this skin. I threw my hair into a braid and thought “man, I’m no hairdresser” and put on my driving glasses in which I do not feel comfortable wearing. I proceeded to get coffee at McDonald’s and after placing my order, the cashier asked “Are you two together? “. My head turned around in slow motion to see who they were talking about and the most heavenly words came out of some gentleman. I heard the words “too beautiful” and quickly turned my head as I was wearing my glasses, put my head down as if I were embarrassed or didn’t want him looking at what i had thought just minutes prior. Perhaps it was even shame as how could I possibly have thought God had made a mistake in this creation. He knit me to his perfection. I was so shocked speechless that I never even said a thank you. Well I don’t remember looking at this man’s face…that was not the important part of this possible angelic interaction. I just remember the flooding of emotions then the tears of joy rolling down my face as I got into my truck. It was then I realized that as a mother who loves her children to the depths of the earth, we as humans can’t possibly know how much God loves his children. I got to work and my (non christian) Co workers said I was extra chipper this morning. I was able to tell them about how God answered my prayers over night. God knew what I needed and has been reminding me daily since. Today, it was reading this blog. So to the man at McDonald’s and to uym, and most importantly to my father in heaven, thank you! ❤


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