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{The Diamond Movement} Day 1!

The Diamond Movement

Written By: Kerrington Sweeney

 I am NOT an object. Am I the only one feeling like this? Have you ever experienced a moment in your life, where you have felt like, you are just an object. Well, I have… Millions of women have suffered being told “Women are not people, women are objects—look sexy or no one will love you.”

The medias bombarding screams of terrible lies at us women, are a constant obnoxious overload. Making us at times, feel inadequate about ourselves simply, as human beings. The use of the female body (which is so often digitally modified these days) is one that disgusts me to the point of distraught. It is broadcasted not as a fearfully and wonderfully made creation but, rather just a sex object.

The female body is way to often turned into a product. Sold, for male pleasure. It is turned into something to look at and to have those “feel good” moments. This has become the hideous normal in our culture. Objectification designates that ‘woman creatures’ have no rights. As if, our existence is oblivious. Turning any living creature into an object is an act of oppression. Objectifying women is not only to blame for just one specific culture or religion. Look at the media, objectification is happening in all cultures, religions and countries. We are being so strongly affected by what we see in the media that it starts translating into our everyday lives. Women are never portrayed as icons of worth, strength, and confidence.

The world portrays us women, as icons of being sexy, and of being a man’s pleasurable object. It’s a horrific global epidemic. Women of all ages, are thrust forcefully onto a never-ending search and quest to find true acceptance and a sense of worth in today’s corrupted society. “Why is my worth defined by my outward appearance?” After a short while, if not introduced to the truth. It is easy for us, to fall into believing that our only worth is in our outward appearance and we look at ourselves from the outside. For many women, it becomes a new cultivated life style. Every living moment is spent striving frivolously creating an outward appearance that will gain true acceptance and will be ‘worth’ desiring in the worldly standards.

This twisted mindset is placed as an attack from the enemy to completely destroy women’s confidence and self-worth. The way the world has treated us women has now affected the way we as women actually live. It has affected the way women see women. We no longer are equal in our sex. We are constantly on the look out. Her hair is so lushes. Her face is so clear of acne. Her body is so flawless. Why can’t I look like her??

These are just a few of the hundreds of comments I have heard in the community of young women. We are daily-blinded by how “Beautiful” is portrayed by the world. As a young woman, I have had moments where my appearance from the outside, gains this monumental importance, worth, value and attention from the opposite sex.

This attention was not sought but, rather forced onto me, as I innocently walked down the walk-way one spring afternoon with my young lady, Best-Friend. Hearing the horn honk, along with the loud whistles and non-sense shouts from the pick-up truck full of young men that recklessly drove by, were utterly unbearable. I walked away from that situation feeling violated, ashamed, dirty, and worthless. Why was this my fault? Why did I feel this way?

Proverbs 31:10 (MSG-Bible) says… “…Worth far more than Diamonds.” When I read this verse, I wept. I ‘Kerrington’ was worth more than diamonds??? How could that be? I for sure didn’t even feel worth a penny in those moments but, God seen me as a beautiful diamond.

A couple years back one of the wisest young women I personally know, spoke some very powerful words to us at a Youth Conference in an all girls session. I will never forget this analogy for all my life. She said: “Imagine if you had a big beautiful diamond ring, and you were walking along and then you accidentally dropped it in to the mud…Would you pick it up? Yes! Of course you would…Why?

Because it’s still a diamond. It’s still is valuable and worth something, even when it’s all muddy.” Ladies, we truly are that diamond ring in so many different aspects. We may have had a rough past in relationships, in life, etc. We may feel all “muddy” covered with sins and completely worthless but, God washes us clean…Because we are WORTH it! We are worth diamonds in His eyes!

Never forget…

You are beautiful.

You are valuable.

You are cherished.

You are mighty.

You are powerful.

You are pure.

You are worth it.

You are a diamond!

Until Next Time,



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