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{Life} Revival.

Written by: Kerrington Sweeney


One sunny summer family afternoon after church a certain sunday, was spent at the local “splash pad.” As my parents, my sister and I watched our littlest sister splash around and create memories that day. I could see an attraction many children we’re instantly drawn to out of all the water works at the pad.

This was…the BIG bucket. The center of attention.

The big bucket would begin slowly filling up and just as it was ready to tip out galloons of water, the kiddos would all run straight towards it…Watching their faces grow, waiting in great anticipation was quite the sight to see.

Few more minutes past by, and it was literally almost spilling over the edges…The kids eyes glued and securely focused on this bucket ready to soak them. As it was almost time to dump…Holy Spirit nudged me to take notice of the kiddos waiting… Some of them were up as close as they could get, hands stretched out as high as they possibly could…While others, were more timid and shy about this, they stood father back, hands to themselves. There was still great anticipation in their little eyes but, it was almost mixed with a bit of fear.

Readers, I use this illustration because of how real this in our churches today…The “Revival Bucket” filling up more and more getting ready to sweep through a nation. Some people, so ready to partake of this exciting process…right up at the front, hands stretched out high, faces locked in a position with the Heavenly Father. While others, yes still excited to be apart of the process but, they stand a little farther back, more kept to themselves.

How real this truly is. To be honest and quite frank with you, I am hot with a fear of what the future ‘church life’ will look like, when “revival” does hit. Will I be ready? What is this going to look like? These are the thoughts I sometimes pondered till the Lord brought me a brand new realization.

God reminded me, that He NEVER gives us anything we can’t handle. His grace and mercy is always there never ending. Revival is not something to be feared but, rather anticipated with great excitement. For in revival, signs, wonders, and miracles take place.

So today, dear readers, I challenge you…To no fear revival comings but, to rather embrace them with everything you’ve got.

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1 thought on “{Life} Revival.”

  1. Great analogy. I have spent the last couple weeks unfaithful to God, my first time feeling Spiritually dull but I revitalized and ready.
    This is my first official visit to, Uniquely Yours Ministries and I am MOVED to tears at what you are doing here! Keep on keeping on and I can see your fire for the Lord is bright!


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