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{Faith} Faith without Borders.

Written By: Taylor Fast

faith taylor september

A couple months ago my fiancé and I were out canoeing for our first time together by the lake that is very close to our new home. That particular day it was very chopping out. The water was extremely wavy and I was quite hesitant to get in the canoe in fear of us ending up in the water. Rowing for me was quite difficult with trying to keep my balance in the canoe and using my strength to cut through the waves with my oar. (Muscles are an area I may be lacking in.) I had to put all my faith in my fiancé to help keep us in the right direction and stop us from falling out. I am sure there were moments we were both frustrated as this experience that was suppose to be relaxing, ended up being quite nerve racking. In the end, we managed to work together and learn from each other for the next time we go out and know to maybe check the lake before we plan a date!

I thought after about how this experience is so much like our walk with God. We have all these great plans in our head about what we are going to do with our life and how awesome it is going to be. We get started on these plans and all the sudden they aren’t going as perfectly as we thought. What do we do? This is where we need to lean into God to calm the storm and settle our mind. It is important that with every decision we make; we pray, we trust, and we listen to what God has planned. God can get us through any weather that life may bring, whether that be peaceful days or stormy nights, we have a God that does not leave us.

“Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all He has done.” Phil. 4:6 (New Living Translation)

There are moments where we can be asked to do things for God or get into situations where we are not sure if we can trust the outcome. I want to challenge everyone to stretch your boarders. God is with you in every situation, and your faith will grow with the more experiences you let Him lead in your life. I find that the more you say yes to God, the more you are blessed in your own life.

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