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{Beauty} The Beauty of our World.

Written By: Taylor Fast

beauty taylor september

Have you ever gone somewhere and just stood in awe of God’s Creation? I remember the day I was proposed to, we were on a hike in Manitoulin Island where we stopped for a picnic. We were at the top of this hike where you could literally see half of the island. I was in awe of God’s beauty. The lakes, trees, rock formations, the height, and the beautiful sky- it was enough to take my breath away.

Sometimes I think we get caught up with everyday life. We have a routine, we follow it, we get stuck in that pattern, and soon enough we stop paying attention to the beauty around us. God created one remarkable world and it is important that we literately remember to stop and smell the roses.

I find when my fiancé and I haven’t done something new that involves being outside in a while we start to get antsy, especially in the wintertime! God calls us to go- to spread His word through all the nations. What a wonderful opportunity to see all the beauty God has created and get out of our own world that we can so easily get caught up in!

“In His hand are the depths of the Earth, and the mountain peaks belong to Him. The sea is His, for He made it, and His hands formed the dry land.” Psalm 95:4-5.

This verse gets me excited; imagine the beauty in the world. God created the whole world, so we know there are some amazing things we could see out there! And what a better time then to share the love of God while we travel to all these places!

Being with nature can really bring us peace, I love to be by the water and just let my stress melt away. I encourage everyone to take a step outside, somewhere new- and soak up the wonder of all God has made. This can be a great reminder of what an amazing God we have in our corner. This can also bring great opportunity for us to be an influence to others around our communities and the world as we venture away from our home. I encourage everyone to look at the beauty around you today and keep an eye out for those who we can bless while we are out and about. It has a way of making the world seem brighter.

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