{UYM Bible Study} Day 12. Discussion Day.

Written By: Crystal Cyr
Discussion question #1:

In what areas do you find it easy to “do the right thing” outwardly, but be doing the opposite in your heart?
Personal Questions:
Do I have a habit of criticizing other believers when I see their weaknesses rather than covering them with love?
Do I compare my gifts, ministries, or acts of service with those around me?
Do I do things to be seen and praised by people? Is my behavior the same when no one is watching?
* Sometimes we can easily slip into a salvation that is based on OUR outward actions rather than remembering that our salvation is based on what JESUS did for us and that God cares more about our heart condition anyways. These questions are a good way to examine our hearts so that we can readjust where needed and receive God’s grace (His favor to destroy sin and empower us to live for Him).
Discussion question #2:
How does knowing what the Old Testament requirements were before Christ give you a better understanding of His love and mercy towards you?
Personal Questions:
Do I take Holy Spirit’s Presence for granted?
Am I unmoved by His Presence?
* If your answer to those questions is yes, then I encourage you to invite the Holy Spirit to give you a fresh revelation of His love and mercy towards you.

Don’t allow condemnation to keep you in wrong cycles, away from His Presence; allow His conviction and repentance to draw you closer to His heart. Remember your salvation isn’t based on what you do right or don’t do right; it’s based on what Christ did for you.


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