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{Miracles Week} All things are possible

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Written by: Kerrington Sweeney

“For you created my inmost being, you knit me together in my mother’s womb.”   –Psalm 139:13

Eight-teen years ago this coming December 31st, (New Year’s Eve) was the very eventful day that I entered this world. This exciting first-time delivery happened to be a little earlier than was expected to my parent’s surprise. I was a healthy-growing baby girl according to Ultra-sounds and many Doctor’s check-up appointments. My Mom whom had what seemed to be a problem-free pregnancy up to this point, was in for a whirlwind of change.

Everything seemed to be moving along very orderly during my birth. Nothing really super out-of-sorts or anything to be concerned about. Then, I came out…

No crying, was to be heard.

Vital Signs completely absent.

No Heart-beat to be found.

No Life at all within me…

Blue, because of lack of oxygen.

…Yes, I was born dead. This traumatizing situation was because…As I was coming out, I took my first breath of fresh-air outside the womb and tore my lungs…Making me unable to breathe. Sending me into shock.

Usually, after a baby is born the room is filled with an overabundance of great joy, relief, and Thankfulness for this new precious Life. The new born babe is usually measured, weighed, and wrapped in a soft, warm blanket and handed over carefully to the proud awaiting Daddy to be.

After my Birth, it was exactly opposite. Instead of being neatly wrapped in a warm hospital-blanket and going to meet my daddy for the first time… I was picked up by the feet, by a Doctor who was already finished a 24-hour shift and was about to head home. He just so happened to walk by my delivery room on his way out. Caught a glimpse of the situation that could have turned into a complete tragedy and jumped right into action. By grabbing me, by the feet.

…I am now upside down being ran down the hospital hallways to the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) where he and a team of other highly-trained professionals worked together to get my little heart beating on its own once again.

 “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” –Matthew 19:26

 The Thankfulness that overflows my heart for those incredible Doctors and Nurses who saved my life that night cannot be described in words. I am even more thankful to my dear Heavenly Father who held me tightly in His right hand even before I was born and during my unusual entrance into this world. He took what could have been a complete tragedy and turned it into a Testimony of Great Thankfulness.

The Miracle that continues to live on is, that I am Alive! I have absolutely no scare tissue from that traumatizing day. I am 100% whole and functioning completely normal. I give God all the praise, the honor, and the glory that I am actually alive writing this testimony. I stand in Great Thankfulness before my Heavenly Father daily.

Until Next Time,


About Kerrington Sweeney:

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Kerrington is founder of ‘Uniquely Yours Ministries.’ She is thrilled that God has entrusted her with this new journey of Ministry Leadership. She is truly an Ambassador of Jesus Christ. She is 17 years old and even at her young age, she is very passionate about working in ministry. Kerrington is always actively volunteering in any way she can at her home church and in her community! She’s definitely a work-in-progress but, feels so blessed to be able to continue serving God with her whole heart.

She has a sincere burning desire within her, to see Women of all ages rise up and be everything God has truly called each of them to be. She carries a mantle of community and walks with divine purpose to see lives changed wherever her foot touches the ground. She is currently in a Season of waiting, for her Prince Charming to show up and is truly loving life right where she is at but, in the meantime…

Kerrington fills up a lot of her “free time” with leading and writing for UYM. She is constantly encouraging women to follow Jesus, with everything they’ve got and reminding them daily to take their Royal positions, as Daughters of the Almighty King. She absolutely adores journaling, clothes shopping, the smell of clean laundry, public speaking and star-bucks with a friend! She feel’s God’s ‘call’ to become a Women’s Pastor and Women’s Counselor one day, and by God’s amazing grace she hopes to fulfill both of those callings! She can always be found with her writing journal, hot tea in hand, and a big smile on her face!

“Kerrington looks forward to the days ahead and laughs at the future.” ~Proverbs 31:25


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