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{Worth} Never doubt your Worth.

Written By: Amy Gauvin
WORTH AMYHave you ever questioned your worth? Your worth as a Woman, Mom, Wife, Friend, Employee, Sibling or just simply your worth as a human being?  When this question/dought arises in us…we tend to be compelled, to compare ourselves to whatever brought this question on.
In our society now, there is a world of things to compare ourselves to. We don’t even know, we are doing it sometimes. As an example…you are waiting in line at the checkout, your looking at the stand of magazines and see these gorgeous women on the front cover…with a perfect shape, perfect tan, perfect hair…etc.
We stand there and think to ourselves…hmmm, how can I look like that!?
I have done this from time to time. It actually deminished my self worth. It took me to a place of depression, because I didn’t look like a cover girl! I began to nit pick at all my “flaws”and wanted to change. Really???
Snap out of it Amy!!! I am just as pretty and stunning as those ladies on the magazine! I have alot to offer! God perfectly made me…and all of you BEAUTIFUL ladies 🙂 We each have our own uniqueness about us, which makes us different. He designed each of us with our own gifts…which ladies….makes us all WORTH ALOT! We all gain from one another because of it! Its amazing how He puts us all together like puzzle pieces…We are the same (heart)….but look so different (uniqueness).
I am going to share a story that happened with my daughter. She came home one day, and needed to talk to me about something that happened at school with a boy. I could see it was weighing heavy on her. This boy liked girls that swear…
(I have raised my girls knowing that cussing, is not acceptable, and its not words God would like us to choose.)
My daughter wanted to get his attention and knowing this about him, started swearing that day at school. She knew it just wasn’t right, what she had done.
I asked her why she did, and her response was “she wanted him to like her”.
I continued to ask “Did he end up liking you or did you get his attention?”
She said “No…he was the same as he was before”.
My babygirl doughted her worth….I explained to her that she was feeling “sad” because she changed who she was and who God created her to be for a boy to like her. She wasn’t sad because he didn’t blink an eye at her after she changed for him.
She realized she had grieved the spirit within her. God didn’t want her to change who she was. She learned that day that she is awesome, just the way she is because… God made her special and unique in her own way. Never change who she is for anyone. Always be led by the spirit that lives inside of her and she will shine.
In closing,  I want to say to all of you lovely ladies that you are AMAZING! You are all diamonds in this world! Never loose your uniqueness and self worth for anyone. Never question if your “good enough” or dought your worth. Always be “YOU“! You have so much to offer to this world. Let the spirit inside of you SHINE for everyone to see! You are perfectly and wonderfuly made!
Always remember that! 😉 XOXO Peace, Love and Joy
Until Next Time,

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