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{Faith} Your Day will come.

Written by: Kerrington Sweeney 

Watching Friends receive huge blessings and living full lives, is sometimes an overflowing bucket of mixed feelings and emotions for me. Happiness and joy for them of course, and at times a bit of jealousy. Yes, Jealousy. Thank goodness for God’s grace. 

“For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice.” ~James 3:16 

…The pure sight of excitement watching a ton of my girl-friends my age, this past year start new sweet relationships with their beau’s, was starting to rub off on me. 

“When will my day ever come?!?” Was the question, I asked frequently of myself. 


Thoughts of, Are my standards too high? Should I be working out? Should I dye my hair? Should I lose weight? Should I try and become less of a “church girl”? Should I get a new wardrobe? Should I be changing the way I live my life? ….Why am I still single?!?!?

When these thoughts arose in my heart and soul….The Lord shattered me with a glimpse of hope and of instruction. 

“Kerrington, Your day will come. In this continued season of waiting, I want you to do nothing but, listen to me. Don’t ever change your standards or the way I have created you to be, just to get that significant other. I have created you unique on purpose the way you are, and I intend to keep you that way. You are my precious daughter, in whom I am well pleased…Continue on this journey with me as your guide and you will bear much fruit in the near future. Come my daughter, and follow me.” 

After hearing these wise words so vividly from God; I thought back and I couldn’t even believe myself for thinking the things that I had been. I was ready to lower my standards, and completely alter my close relationship with God. I was ready and prepared to start changing my body image. I was ready to change my life, in sheer hope of…”Maybe somebody will have me?”

I felt so ashamed of my past thought life and on spot asked God for His forgiveness. Once again, He washed me, white as snow and cleared my “Life slate” of the filthy darkness. It was a brand new day in my life! I was ready to take it on, with the Lord’s almighty help.

In this season of my life, I have truly learnt many difficult lessons, on being genuinely happy for others. Even when they receive something, I so desperately want, have waited for and have desperately petitioned in prayer for. 

“A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.” ~Proverbs 14:30 

Today in closing, I leave you with a challenge. Some of you may not even take this seriously, and some of you may take time and follow through with this. God’s got something waiting for you, I suggest to follow through 🙂 

…May your hearts be at peace in the Season of life that you are currently in. Leave all jealousy and feelings of envy at the foot of the cross. Walk in absolute freedom and awe of your Heavenly Father. Worship Him, with everything you have within you. Pray to Him on your knees, till they blister. Honour Him today with your Life. Thank Him, for the Life He has truly blessed you with. Pray for those friends who have received the blessings before you and Always remember,

“Your day will come.” 

Until Next Time, 



1 thought on “{Faith} Your Day will come.”

  1. I have found that disappointment can be the start of a great adventure . Sometimes you dont get what you want but you end up with more than you could have imagined. Gods grace is beyond measure.


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