God’s Will.

Written By: Naomi Gantner
Have you ever wondered what God’s will is for your life?
Ever since I was a young girl, I always wondered what God’s will was for my life. What it really meant to be in “God’s will.” I didn’t really know then what God’s will was for my life and to this day I still have wondered.  I remember when I was younger and singing songs at church about God’s will and doing His will.
At a young age I knew that I wanted to do His will and I knew that it was hard but, I didn’t understand how hard it truly was.
For many years I felt like God wanted me to do something else but, I wasn’t sure what.
I had been praying for awhile asking God, that He would show me what he wanted me to do.
This past summer I had the opportunity to go on a missions trip. I didn’t know what to expect but, I knew that God was working in my heart, and the entire trip He continued to work in my heart a lot: more than I ever imagined was possible.
Almost to the end of our trip we were singing, praying and giving testimonies and sharing what God was showing each of us. He taught us so much during the trip.
One young man that I went on the trip with said…that he was never going to tell God “No” again, and he was going to do whatever God wanted him to do. That’s when it hit me. I realized and had felt that God was moving me somewhere else for awhile. To be honest with you, I didn’t want to go.
I was running away from what he had for me because I was scared. One of the nights as we were singing songs to the Lord and praying I just broke down and just started crying.  I asked the Lord to show me what He wanted me to do and it was then that the Lord showed me. He called me to Indiana. I remember being so scared and wondered why Indiana? I  felt like God wanted me to be involved in ministry there and to go to college at Hyles Anderson College.
I was so used to my ‘comfort zone’ and once your set in your ways inside your comfort zone. Its’s there that you feel safe, secure and don’t want even the slightest thing to change. Immediately when I returned home from my missions trip, I started packing up all of my belongs. I was terrified.
Questioning thoughts kept coming up like, “What am I even doing?” Even then, God kept reminding me that this is where he wanted me to go.  I continued to pray that if God didn’t want me to move to Indiana, that he would close the doors.
A moment of confirmation: One day as I was listening to the radio and the song “Lord I am ready” came on the radio and I knew that God was showing me that He really wanted me to take a step of faith and to follow Him with everything. Another time God directly showed me confirmation about the “big move” was while I was driving. I was at a stop sign, and there was a car in front of me with a Indiana liscense plate and then as I turned the corner there was another car with a Indiana liscense plate. I felt like that this was another sign that God was showing me that He truly wanted me in Indiana.
Several months ago, before I left on my missions trip I took some time off to be able to go somewhere. I now know that God knew all along where I would end up. I ended up in Indiana. He worked it all out for His glory. During that time off, I used that week to start my search to look for a place to live and ti find a suitable job.
Before I drove to Indiana that week, I already applied for jobs online and I already had a job within two days. I also looked at places to live. The house that I found has a hot tub and a jaccuzi tub! YAY!! For years I have always dreamed and wanted a hot tub and a jaccuzi tub. God is sooo good and cares about the ‘littlest’ things, and He daily reminds me of that.
When I got back from Indiana from my visit and got back to my home, I cried a lot throughout the weeks. I struggled with moving and going to Indiana.  Yet it felt so right and I knew that that was where God wanted me to go. I knew that I needed to follow Gods will.
Things got serious when, I quit my job and packed up everything onto the semi truck within under two months of returning home from missions. I am so very thankful that I followed the Lord and His will. Because His plans are always better than my own. There are days where I can not believe that I am in indiana but, I am very thankful that I am here and that I listened to the Lord. There is so much joy in serving Jesus. Amen?
I pray this encourages you sisters.
Until Next Time,

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