The Words Saw Mill.

Written By: Pastor Kerrington Sweeney

As I sit here, I can recall many times where I have been the vicious saw mill and then I can also recall moments where others in my life have been that same saw mill.

If you think about a saw mill what is the first thing that comes to mind?

For me, it is the old-fashioned saw mills…the-little-house-on-the-prairie kind. Where the saw would just chop up and hack the wood, if someone wasn’t guiding the piece of wood through the saw properly and securely.

It hurts to know truly how many times our words do just this? We take someone through that saw, hacking away with our words about them and damaging that good person (or piece of wood.)

Not guiding our tongues can often get us in to trouble. Just like if the saw mill worker…if he wouldn’t guide the wood through the saw carefully it would damage the wood and he would get in trouble from his boss.

I know I personally have dealt with this before. Gossip overtakes us like a thief in the night, if we let our guard down.

Dear Sisters, Gossip steals. Gossip kills and Gossip destroys. Gossip is straight from the enemy himself.

Did you know that Satan absolutely loves gossip?

He thrives on it…because it is his subtle way of stealing, killing and destroying through people, just people…like you and I!

When we gossip we are literally doing the very-dirty work of the enemy himself…we are being facilitators of his attempts to destroy, separate and divide community.

As I sit here writing this, I can’t even count how many times people have gossiped about me and my family. How many times people…even friends, have spread lies like wild fires about us. These are all attacks from the devil, trying to discourage us in our journey to live for Christ.

The moment I stepped into ministry, a brand-new door of attacks opened especially in that saw mill department. Where people just hacked away at me with words, suggestions, and terribly, hurtful comments.

But my dear sisters, it wasn’t just a one-way street that this saw mill was going. Being in a position of ministry, so many times I would want to tear someone down because of something they did or said to me. And I had to choose not to.

One time in particular comes to mind about this, where someone called me a terribly, rude name. I had to walk away, not saying anything and continue serving that very person… because dear sisters, thats exactly what Jesus would do.

Jesus received the ultimate abuse of words and torment. He lives on, as an example for us to lean on, when we are feeling hurt by the words of that viciously-hacking saw mill or when we feel tempted to be a facilitator of the word saw mill ourselves. He is our contionous strength. I challenge you today, the next time the saw mill creeps in, like a thief in the night to try to cause separation and division in your life. Get on your face before the Lord. Pray for power to overcome. Don’t give into gossip, because always remember this…Dear Sisters, Gossip steals. Gossip kills and Gossip destroys.


Until Next Time,

~Pastor Kerrington


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