{A Time to Plant} He Blesses the Work of Your Hands

Written By: Christina Rich

Remember as a kid when you plucked dandelions from the grass and blew on the fluff, and then watched the individual white flakes catch the wind and fly away? Did you consider where the seeds might land and produce fruit? I know for me, as a kid, I didn’t even realize those fun weeds God created for the children’s enjoyment, produced more of themselves in mass quantity.

Having been in ministry one way or another for over twenty years, I’ve planted seeds and never seen them grow. I’ve tended plants produced from seeds another planted, and I’ve witnessed the harvesting of other seeds.

Take heart, know that all your planting and tending seeds is not done in vain. Whether you are in front of an audience of one or an auditorium of thousands, now that God places people in your path for an eternal purpose, some for a minute moment, some for a season, and others for a lifetime. That purpose may be to offer a silent prayer, give a kind word, offer them a warm meal, hold their hand, or give them a message from the Lord.

We should be like a child taking delight in blowing on the dandelion when it comes to planting seeds. I know I long to be more like a child and enjoy the labor God places in front of me. His word says in Deuteronomy 28:12 that He shall open to you His good treasury, the heavens to give rain of your land in its season and to bless all the work of your hands (amp). When the Holy Spirit blows across the seeds I scatter, the ones of me being me in Christ, I don’t need to know where they land, what takes to good ground, and when or how it produces fruit. All I need to do is be me in Christ, to rest in the peace of God and trust Him that His word never turns back void, and He will bless the work of my hands.



Author of multiple inspirational romance books published with a New York publisher, Christina offers insight on how she fulfilled the desire God placed on her heart to become a published author. As a minister, she brings her experience of breaking free from the offense of old wounds. She also gives suggestions on how to walk in a Godly spiritual response instead of a fleshly worldly response during tough, sometimes seemingly, crushing circumstances.


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