{Saturday Mornings} Yes, But Not That Way

Written By: Julie-Ann Sanderson

The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps. – Proverbs 16:9

You have an idea or dream and God says “yes” to it, but what happens next?  Most people usually start working out a plan on how they will achieve their dream.  They plan every step and sometimes for any contingency that might occur.  The plan is put into action and is going smoothly but suddenly, you hit a closed door.  It’s not going the way you thought it would.  Maybe it was “no” all the time and you misunderstood what God was saying.  The only solution is to you give up and so you do.

Hitting a closed door may be a part of God’s plan for you.  He is still saying yes but He wants you to achieve it in a different way.  It may be a longer route or a shorter one but the result will still be the same.  It is God’s plan for you that you are to carry out, not your plan for you.

As humans, we all the same tendency to map out our own lives and for some, the lives of others.  We see our life is heading in one direction and when we hit an obstacle, we immediately re-evaluate our plans and make a decision based on the assumption we come to.  This assumption comes because of our own knowledge and our past experiences.  If we assume an obstacle is the end of our dream or plan, then naturally we will stop taking that path and look for something else to put our time and energy into.

With God, however, an obstacle can be His way of letting us know that this is not the path he wants us on to achieve our goal.  He still wants you to achieve your dream it but in another way.  The obstacle stopping your plans may actually be a detour sign.  We can be so focussed on the way we think we should be going that we totally miss God’s turnoff and He has to get us back on the right track.

It is still up to us to do carry out God’s plan, but He is the one who is still in control.  If we start heading down the wrong track, He will stop us.  Our focus should not be on the plan but on the head planner.  God knows where we are going before we do.  He knows the dreams and plans we have.  He knows which ones will benefit both us and His kingdom.  He knows which ones will work and which ones won’t.

When you have an idea or dream, first take it to God.

If He says yes to it don’t plan too far ahead and be prepared for any plans you do make to change at a moment’s notice.  When they do change, don’t give up.  Instead look for that detour sign and find the path God wants you take.  The end result will be more than you ever expected it to be.

~ Julie-Ann


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