Guest-Writers, {Faith}


Written By: Patti Pierce

Today I am choosing to write about Romans 5:1. This verse is another one that I have heard my husband speak about at different times.  Being justified by our faith, we have peace through our Lord Jesus Christ.”  Having faith brings peace through the knowledge and certainty of our salvation.  Sometimes faith comes easy and other times faith takes a tremendous amount of work.  There are times keeping the faith becomes more difficult. So often people tell others, “God won’t give you more than you can handle.”  But those words can be hard to hear and often fall flat rather than providing comfort.  When things are going well, it is much easier to believe in a loving God.  But in times of hurt or times of difficulty it can be more challenging.

Faith takes effort.  Believing that Jesus loves us and died for our sins can be a little easier.  But when difficulty, challenges or frightening times arise, knowing and believing become two different things.  In those times, we must draw closer to God and draw strength from His Word and from fellow believers.  But these believers need to truly demonstrate the love of and faith in Christ rather than just throwing around empty platitudes or saying words with no genuine actions.

When my husband wound up in the hospital with what we were told was a gall bladder attack, peace escaped me at times.  Finding comfort when sitting alone in a hospital room with a spouse who is hurting and unable to be truly helped makes peace fleeting.  At other times, when a fellow believer simply walks into the room because he or she heard you were there gives a tremendous amount of comfort and peace.  A hug and a prayer or other demonstration of love bathes the room in peace.  Hearing a doctor inform a patient and his spouse to “google” a condition does not provide peace.  Reading on “Google” can completely destroy an individual’s peace.  Driving home from the hospital alone without your spouse and not being sure of when he or she is coming home makes for a stressful time.  Bringing your spouse home does wonders to bring peace and tranquility to a person’s soul.  Knowing fellow believers are praying about your situation overwhelms a person with peace and faith.  Having the support of an adult son who can life the burdens at home provides peace.  Knowing that you have a Heavenly Father who loves you more than you ever could imagine provides peace.

Faith helps provide tolerance for the difficult things that life hands out.  Also, faith allows a person to know everything is only for a season and provides hope for the future.  It provides for our heart’s desires.  We can reach out to God and know He will provide for us in ways we cannot begin to imagine.  When we were in the process of moving from Pennsylvania to Texas, I had faith God would provide us with exactly the right home for our family.  And in time, He did exactly that.

A quiet word, even a word read on a computer screen, from a family member, friend or fellow believer provides so much comfort, peace and faith.  It ensures someone believes in the God that created the universe.  May faith bring you comfort today.




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