Written By: Suzanne Vel
If I went through my journal I am sure I could find the exact date that it happened, but I’m guessing it was 3 to 4 months ago.  While sitting in church I made a life changing decision. I decided that I was sick and tired of being unsure in my faith.  Some days I could be so confident that what I believed was all true, and some days I would think back to the way I was raised to be an atheist and wonder if I was being foolish.  I told God in that moment, I’m all in.  I’ve decided from now on You are who you say you are.  You are real.  You are on my side, and I can fully put my confidence in You.
Immediately I felt a closer relationship begin with God that continues to today.
Due to this decision God has shown up abundantly in my life.
Previously I worried about having enough money in the bank to meet our needs.  Once I decided God was real and would never stop taking care of my family, I also stopped worrying about money.
Before I felt the need to explain myself in every misunderstanding.  Now that I believe God is fighting the battles for me I give them all to Him.  I literally have a constant stream of prayer in my head saying Lord explain to this person what I meant.  Lord defend me if it is your will to do so.
Before deciding to be all in with my faith I really didn’t understand what it meant to have a body, soul, and spirit.  Then one morning in my quiet time God explained the concept to me.  I shared what I learned with my husband Randy and his comment was that from now on I would read the bible completely differently.  That the knowledge of body, soul, spirit would change my understanding of my faith.  Randy was correct.  I hear a song singing about my soul or read a verse in the Bible and I get it on a much deeper level.
I cannot even begin to list all of the positive changes this decision to be fully committed to my faith has made in my life.  God is welcomed in my heart and He keeps showing up.  He is pouring blessings on us to the point of it being overwhelming.  He is telling us to enjoy life, and enjoy our family.  He is telling me to share boldly what I have learned so that others will want it for themselves too.  He is Real.
FullSizeRenderSuzanne is a wife mother and believer in Christ.  She has a passion and dedication to anything she puts her heart to; from early morning quiet times with God to training for five full marathons.  She learned about God on her second date with her future husband, Randy, when she was 22 years old.  She grew in her faith continually, but it wasn’t until she learned why she really wanted to know God as her personal friend and confidant that she found out what it truly means to have faith in the one true King.  Suzanne’s goal now is to show others how to find their why so that their lives can be as dramatically changed as hers was on August 11, 2014. Please check out her book on Amazon, To Show His Love: Fellowship with God Changes Everything –To Show His Love: Fellowship with God Changes Everything (on Amazon)

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