Guest-Writers, {Faith}

{Faith} A Prayer for the Days Everything Is Falling Apart…

Written By: Teri Lynne Underwood

The past few months have been full of hard days.  More often than not my prayer has simply been, “Help me, Lord!” Maybe you have been in one of those hard seasons too?  Maybe if feels like everything is falling apart?  Maybe all the dreams and plans you had for your life seem to be crumbling around you?  Maybe you are tired and weary?  Oh friend, I get it!  I’m there with you.  And this is a prayer for days like today, when it just seems as though everything is falling apart  . . . 

Lord, it feels like everything is falling apart around me.  I’m barely hanging on, Lord.

My heart is aching today . . . 

For hospital beds in living rooms and prayers for a peaceful passing from this world to Your arms.

For girls who long to be loved and look everywhere but You, the only True Love, for sick little girls who just want to feel better, for mommas who ache to make it all go away.

For choices made in the dark and broken hearts when all things come to light.

For all the unspoken needs, hidden deep within our hearts.  For all the desperate pray-ers, calling out for You to be near.  For all the aching hearts, longing for hope and peace in the middle of the storm.  For all the weary ones, waiting for the next piece of heartbreaking news to come.

My heart is aching today, Lord.  Help me remember Yours is too . . . and even more.  Remind me, Lord, that You are good—no matter what.

You are comfort for the aching.  You are healing for the hurting.  You are hope for the desperate.  You are not surprised or shaken.  And You are in control.

You capture my tears and hide me under Your wing.  You are my refuge, my strength, my strong tower.

You are good.  You are here.  And I am Yours.

In Jesus’ name.


{This post was originally published on Teri Lynne’s blog in March 2016.}

Teri Lynne Underwood is a Word lover and idea slinger. She’s been married to Scott for 20 years and they are both trying to figure out how their baby girl is already 16.

Teri Lynne is passionate about encouraging and equipping busy women to live well. She is the founder of Prayers for Girls, a thriving community of girl moms who are committed to praying God’s Word for their daughters.


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