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Removing Sneaky Idols Part 2

Written By: Lanissa Reale

Did anybody else feel like our last post was speaking straight to them?!  I can’t get away from it, and want to make sure that I really apply what God is trying to tell me on the topic of sneaky idols!  Join me, and let’s see how we can really make sure Idols aren’t still sneaking into our hearts.

‘Those who pay regard to vain idols forsake their hope of steadfast love. But I with the voice of thanksgiving will sacrifice to you; what I have vowed I will pay. Salvation belongs to the Lord!’ Jonah 2:8-9


Friends, I absolutely love this scripture because it gives us the heart behind what is actually happening in our spirit when we pay regard to false idols.  Whatever that idol may be (sleep, another person, a relationship, selfish ambition etc).

When we take our main focus off of God and place it on something else we are forgetting the reality of His steadfast love toward us.  We can try as hard as we can to make good excuses, to cut corners and to go as long as we can without shifting our focus back to God- and we begin to think that we are doing just fine living that way!

You see, most of the time, not tending to sneaky idols will not have immediate consequences on our lives.  That’s why they are sneaky.  We haven’t died, we haven’t lost our jobs, we are still feeling the presence of God- but over time… our hearts are wandering and trying to get love & fulfillment from something other than God.  Our hearts begin to distance themselves, slowly removing us from the truth found in when we spend intentional time with God and we begin to find ourselves tired, feeling dry spiritually, easily frustrated and hungry for more.  Why?!  Because NOTHING is EVER going to offer us the steadfast love (that changed everything) other than God!

Salvation, our salvation, belongs to the Lord!  And our salvation is so much more than simply accepting God as our Lord and Savior.  It’s recognizing we are unclean without him and turning from our old ways to follow Him completely.  Salvation is our new beginning and our new journey.  And that beautiful journey belongs to the Lord and no one else. 

Today sweet friends, I want us to really think about where our attention and hearts are dwelling.  What sneaky idols have we allowed too much space in our lives?!  We have everything we need to turn back and give ourselves fully to the Lord.  It’s called the Holy Spirit!  And when we do, we will begin to experience the freedom, the light load and the refreshment our souls so desperately are craving! 

I encourage us to make that step this week!

Let’s Chat below:

Where have your attention and heart been dwelling most often, lately?  What sneaky idols have crept into your life?  And what are you planning on doing to KICK THEM OUT?!  Comment below- let’s chat! 

Until Next Time
~ Lanissa Reale (



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