{Pastor’s Wife} From a Church Planting Pastor’s Wife

Written By: Erin Almond

There are things in life that you’re just unable to fully prepare for.  You know, you can read the books, you can talk with others about their experiences, you can read blogs and listen to podcasts…and while ALL of that is helpful, it doesn’t fully prepare you for the magnitude of the task at hand or for where the Lord is calling you.

That’s my experience at the wife of a church-planter.

In short, it’s everything I thought it would be, and nothing that I thought it would be—at the same time.

I’ll start by saying this—I knew this is the life I was entering when I married my husband.  He was open about hearing the Lord’s call to not only pastor a church, but to start one from the ground up.  Throughout our courtship, we attended a church plant, and during our first year of marriage, we heard the Lord’s call for us to move to the city where we would plant our church; and as quickly as we heard that call, He provided everything we needed to get there and be established.  We are confident that we are where He desires for us to be.

But truthfully, it’s not always easy to rest in that confidence.  

Being the wife of a pastor, especially a church-planting pastor is something that I feel called to, but not always gifted for.  And that’s where the Lord has really worked in me and on my heart.  As I’ve surrendered more and more to His will and this process, I’ve seen Him do what seemed like the impossible.

Our church plant just celebrated one year, and it’s been such an amazing journey.  Dear sister, I pray that you might be encouraged by these lessons I’ve learned in this past year:

  1. The best encouragement is to speak God’s promises over him.  
    • The process of pastoring (and particularly planting a church) is one of ups and downs that the enemy can use to manipulate your husband’s insecurities.  When you see him struggling with a decision or frustrated about the various challenges, encourage him with the word of God. 
  2. Go to God in prayer FIRST.
    • It seems simple, right?!?  Of course, we go to God in prayer first!  I’ve learned that whether it’s offering my opinion on where something may need to be adjusted with the church or frustration about something around the house, my results are more favourable when I’ve spent time with God in prayer FIRST.  I’ve asked the Holy Spirit to help me know when (and what) to share, and how to share in a way that my husband is able to receive it.
  3. Discuss what your role in the church will be…
    • Having a clear understanding of where/how you feel called to serve in the church plant is important.  It helps both you and your husband in setting boundaries, and frees you from feeling that you must do everything.  
  4. But know that being a Wife is Most Important
    • With a church plant, there are ALWAYS things that need to get done.  Between the various administrative tasks that come with leading a church to the actual “doing” ministry—the work can seem endless.  And while it’s great if ALL of that gets done, it doesn’t matter if it comes at the expense of your husband and your family.  Our husband and children (if you have them) are our first ministry.  Let us be faithful to the area God first entrusted to our care.
  5. It’s hard, but it’s worth it
    • The journey of church planting is one of the biggest exercises of faith that you may ever encounter.  If I didn’t honestly believe that this is the life we were called to, I wouldn’t sign up for it—it’s just that hard.  But, it’s been worth it to see the Lord work.  To hear the testimonies.  To see people go from death to life.

Dear sister, I pray that you find joy in the journey, and that you constantly feel the grace, love, and renewing power of the Lord as you serve with your husband.  I pray that you know that the Lord has equipped you (yes, YOU) for this, and what you have to offer is needed and valuable.  I pray against attacks from the enemy that will attempt to steal your faith, your joy, and your peace.  May you constantly feel covered by the Lord.  Praying for you, and for the impact that you and your church will have for the Kingdom.


About Erin:



Erin can be described in many ways, but most prominently as a Christian, a wife, step mommy, daughter, sister, cousin, friend, mentor, and your favourite girl next door.  She considers herself to be an education enthusiast, spending her entire professional career working in education with students from middle school through college, helping to make real their dream of attending the college of their choice.

Erin is most passionate about Jesus, seeking His will, and helping others to live their best possible life through Him by infusing her love of education and leadership development in this process.  She is proud to be married to her favourite preacher man and best friend, Ernest.

In her spare time, Erin can be found enjoying cupcakes with buttercream frosting, reading, preparing healthy meals, and trying to convince her husband that she needs more shoes, Moleskine notebooks, and Pepsi.  She is active in her local church, and is determined to live a life worthy of the calling she has received.  Her ultimate desire is to change lives and hearts for Jesus, and she writes to encourage people in the Lord.




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