{Easter Special} What I Love Most About Easter

Written By:Kimberley McClintock


Easter has always been a special time of year for me. Remembering the sacrifice that Jesus made for me. It’s hard to believe that even if there was no one else in the world He still would have died for me. How amazing is that.

Today I wanted to share with you one of the things I love most about Easter. No, it’s not the chocolate or the Hot Cross Buns. For me, the thing I love most about Easter is the community.

For the past 6 years I have had the privilege of being involved in Easterfest. Easterfest was a 3-day Christian music festival over the Easter weekend. Unfortunately, last year was the last time Easterfest was able to run.

What made Easterfest special wasn’t the bands that played or the speakers who spoke. What made Easterfest special was the community. There would be thousands of people attending Easterfest from all over Australia and even the world. We didn’t know each other but for that one weekend we were all family.

It didn’t matter what denomination we came from for that weekend we were all Christians, all celebrating Jesus. The other differences didn’t matter.

Lifelong friends were made at Easterfest. I even know of a couple who met at Easterfest and are now married. Easterfest was about the people, the community, God.

I remember one year after Easterfest was finished I was driving the 3-hour drive home. I stopped halfway to get some lunch. At the same place I had stopped another family from Easterfest had stopped. We didn’t know each other but because we knew each other had been at Easterfest (from the wristbands we wore and the band shirts we wore) we struck up a conversation and it was like we already knew each other.

Last year I was able to part of the volunteer team for Easterfest in the Chaplaincy department. This allowed me to see even more clearly how the community was brought together at Easter.

Even now that Easterfest is over I have found that Easter is still about community. Churches from different denominations are coming together to celebrate, to leave behind their differences and come together.

So I want to encourage you to enjoy the community at Easter, but also to make sure that community is not left for Easter only.

About Kimberley:

Hi, I’m Kimberley a 20-something Australian. You can find me at Life As Me where I blog about my faith, life, books and living the way God made me. I love reading, writing, spending time with friends and learning more about God and life. Come and say Hi! I’d love to get to know you.

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