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{Faith} We Are the Kingdom | The Calm Embrace. 

Written By: Kerrington Sweeney

All of my life I have been striving for something more.  Always more than what I am blessed and privileged to have.

More popularity.

More social contact.

More friends.

More fulfillment.

More money.

More freedom.

More likes on Facebook.

More happiness.

More time.

More education.

More readership.

More hits on the blog.

More everything.

There has always been a MORE.  I can now share with you dear readers that growing up, I was hardly ever satisfied with what I had.  Until, one night I went to serve with some friends at the local soup kitchen and this is where God spoke directly to my ungratefully, ugly heart.
These people, you see…they absolutely broke me.  Seeing wee little babes to 65 year old men line up for dinner.  Tears filled my eyes.  They had nothing.  They were right off the city streets, borderline begging for a hot meal to quench their hunger.  And then, there I was.  Selfish, always wanting more, ungratefully ugly-hearted me.

Ouch.  I know…

My ugly heart had a lot of breakthrough that evening, as I served up hot mashed-potatoes to a starving group of at least 100 people or more.  God used those moments in amongst my servant-hood to teach me a valuable life lesson.

It was near the end of the night and we were all packing up getting ready to head home…when I had saw a young woman, in her 20s, in a red hoody exit the building.  We got into our cars and I thought really nothing of her.

We started to drive away and as we drove past a park bench a couple roads over from the soup kitchen, there she was setting up a bed for the night.  With only that red hoody and ratty old blanket for warmth.

It was right then and there, that I had one of those profound God-ordained moments.  I calmly embraced my life, just the way it is with utter gratefulness, I bowed before the Lord for all that I had been blessed and privileged with.

So does that mean that I don’t ‘want’ anything anymore?  Pish Posh, No!  I’m human.  I still have selfish desires just like you and the postman.  But if you’re like I was, in never being satisfied with what you have, I pray that this post came as a reminder to you, and prompted you, to stop and take a look at your heart.  I pray that you are able to experience your true calm embrace, just like I did.  Bless you.

Until Next Time,



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