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{Testimony} Kerrington

Written By: Kerrington Sweeney
Salvation Chalk-Board + Fisher-price dream kitchen set = Salvation story? 

You may be very puzzled when you read that first line, but don’t you worry, it ALL makes perfect sense in the end! To start off, if you were a faithful Sunday-school attender or not we all may have heard the saying either in children’s ministry or when someone lead you in the salvation prayer…

“When you give your heart to Jesus, He wipes all your sins clean, just like a chalk-board.”


I have probably heard 2 dozen, or more Sunday School teachers use that line and I still had trouble picturing Jesus cleaning my entire life of sin? How could anyone love me SO much? Pretty confusing stuff, at least for a six year old at the time.
With that being said, let’s take a little walk down memory lane…shall we?

Think back to when you personally gave your whole heart to the Lord. Do you remember that divine moment? That milestone of hope. I sure do remember my big day. It went something like this:

I vividly recall standing in my little, playroom on a blustery, winter January afternoon, wearing my tiny, purple slippers at the age of 6, playing “washing the dishes”, with my favourite entire complete kitchen appliances and cupboards set.
We are talkin’ the stove, fridge, microwave, sink, table and chairs, and all the plastic play food you could ever imagine?! …I may have been a little spoiled, but man I loved that thing! I was racking my 6 year old mind, while trying to wash the lunch dishes, cook dinner, spoon feed my baby doll daughter Kate and talk on the phone with my imaginary husband Chris, who was late coming home from work, again!!! I couldn’t believe him, How dare he miss supper……twice! (Wifey + Mommy at heart since birth, can you tell?)

I was pondering about everything that my Sunday School teacher had said earlier that week, about how much sweeter life would be to walk with Jesus every step.

Then my Mom walked into the room, and I experienced a feeling that I had never felt before. ( I dropped the plastic dishes into the sink, burnt dinner and hung up the phone on my hubby.) My heart sunk into my stomach…
“Do I tell her, I want Jesus to be my friend too??” I thought.
Thoughts began swirling restlessly, through my mind.

What do I say? Has everyone done this? Will I look different? Will I hear God’s voice? Will I feel clean? What will this do?

Long story short, (I say that because the rest is history!)

January 2003, I became God’s adopted daughter that day in my little playroom and have been loving Him and pursing His presence ever since. I have had my many bumps and valleys along the way, but I had to remember just one simple thing…


“When you give your heart to Jesus, He wipes all your sins clean, just like a chalk-board.”


Now every time I walk by our home church nursery and see that little girls fisher-price dream kitchen set sitting there. Which is now faded, old, wrecked, and a couple cupboard doors are now completely missing…I think to myself, Thank you Lord for my Life and for amazing Sunday-school teachers who taught me, that Jesus can clean ANY sin and He just wants to be my best friend. Thank you God, for divine appointments and opportunities. Thank you, for my Mom and for her sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s leading. Thank you God, for my salvation.

Look at me…tearing up at 1:43am! (That’s right Jesus makes me work mid-nights on the blog sometimes…haha)

Friends, If you haven’t asked Jesus to walk with you yet, please, please, please do!

I can’t make you do anything, but I will say one thing. My life has never been the same since. I am a radically changed young woman, pursuing God with every ounce of my being. I have a family of believers who love and encourage me to go farther in my callings. I would love to personally, welcome you into that family. Send me an email when you do give your heart to the Lord, like I said, I would love to celebrate with the Angels when you become my Sister in God’s Family.

~ Kerrington


1 thought on “{Testimony} Kerrington”

  1. Thank you Kerrington that is lovely and encourages me to continue to work with all those children in D.R. That do not know Jesus .amen blessing uncle Richard


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