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{Faith} Penny for a Prayer

Written by: Amie Comber

Have you ever found a penny on the ground?  What was your first thought when you picked up that shiny, or dingy little cent?  I always thought of good or bad luck based on which way that coin was facing, until someone taught me something that changed the way I forever saw a simple penny.

Many years ago I was involved in karate, you know, the really cool activity where you wear white baggy clothes and break boards with your feet?  Yes, that one.  The most amazing karate instructor in the world taught me.  His mission was to teach karate and God’s truths at the same time.  When I walked into class one day, he looked at me and asked if I had seen them.  Confused at what I had missed, he pointed to the doorway where he had scattered pennies on the floor.  I had completely walked over them.  At the start of this class he asked us what we thought of when we saw a penny on the ground.  Echoing the culture around me, I told him that it was a fun way to think of good and bad luck.  He smiled and crouched to the floor and told me that when we see a penny on the ground, it’s a reminder to pray for someone.  He explained further that he viewed a penny as a little gift from God.  When God gave him a penny, he was reminded to send up prayers for those that he would be around and pass by that day.

I now keep a penny in the pocket of every pair of jeans I own. I have faith that God has this day ahead of me already planned out.  I trust that the people I pass by and encounter are the ones that were meant to be there.  This simple penny has been a conversation starter around many a coffee table since the time that my karate instructor introduced this to me.  Right now is a good time to pray.  I guarantee you someone needs it.  At this moment, close your eyes and ask whom God would want you to pray for.  I think you’ll be surprised how easily someone will come to your heart and mind.  Pray for them.  God remembers every conversation you have with Him.  I like to imagine prayers as past coffee dates He’s had with me.

As simple of a reminder as a penny is, it has truly helped me to keep prayer at the forefront of my mind.  Culture has faith, whether big amounts or small, in their fate of luck for that day when they find a penny on the ground.  How much more faith can we have, in the God of the Universe, that He will listen to you when you pray?  Not only listen to you, but also respond to the unique circumstances that your life is in.  Let me remind you, sweet girl, that He always loves, is always there, and is always trustworthy.

Isn’t it amazing that our God is so personal in His communication with us?  He loves you uniquely and has a relationship with you unlike anyone else.  He knows your good days and your bad ones.  So the next time you see a penny, heads or tails, know that God loves you, and loves to hear from His children.

Until next time,

Amie Comber



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