Amie, {Worth}

{Worth} Snapshot

Written by: Amie Comber

Have you ever seen a picture wall?  More than simply seeing one, have you ever made one?  Be proud of me, I put on my creative hat and forced myself to do something artsy one afternoon.  My picture wall was the product of that endeavour.

Each picture on that wall holds some special memory for me.  A local coffee shop, a place I’ve travelled to, even multicoloured balloons that I bought a darling friend for her birthday.  To anyone else, it would just be a collage of pictures on a wall, something to gaze at for a moment, but forgotten in the next.  But to me, they are irreplaceable, as they pair an image with a memory and a feeling.  I like to imagine that God has a picture wall, and that each one of His children has a wall dedicated to them.  From the moment you began your relationship with Him, He has snapshots from His favourite moments with you.  Maybe they’re moments that were just a part of an ordinary day to you, but to God, that memory made it up onto His wall and He glances at it everyday and thinks of you.

I like to think of worth much like I think of my picture wall.  The world looks at my wall from a different angle: how much does it cost, they ask, and how does it look?  That’s how the world would describe worth.  But right now, as the creator of this wall, I’m looking at it, and I feel beyond loved, remembering all the people that show up in those photos, and excited that my life looks colourful and dynamic.  I’m taken back to quesadillas in Texas, and picnics with cookie dough in Tennessee.  Sweet girl, the world looks at you from an angle much like it does with my simple picture wall.  It asks what you can do, how you look, and how much money you have, just to name a few of their categories.  But when God looks at you?  His heart swells with joy, because He knows that you are His and He is yours.  He remembers all the little moments, and all the prayers.  He knows the dark nights and the heartaches, and He knows the sunny days with ice cream and sprinkles.  You are irreplaceable to Him.

Everyone has an opinion, darling girl.  My question to you would be, who’s opinion are you going to believe?  Are you going to believe the world’s, which marvels at your beauty and achievements for a moment and disregards you in the next?  Or will you find your worth from the God who not only remembers you, but also proudly displays His love for you?  The God who has your picture on His wall and makes space for more memories down the road.  You are worth more than you could possibly imagine in His eyes.  Opinions change and are swayed in our world.  One minute you can have popularity and the next feel alone and rejected.  You know what?  I know you’ve heard it before but I’m going to say it again here, God does not change.  His opinion and worth He projects on you have been the same all these years.  You can trust Him, sweet girl.  He moved the world just so that you could know Him.  To Him, you are worth dying for.

Take a moment to ponder from where you are looking for your worth.  Are you looking for it through the eyes of another human?  Or are you seeking it through the eyes of your peers or the world?  What if you looked at it through His?  The minute you do, you’ll see yourself in a brand new light.  I dare to say… I believe when you do, that’s a moment that will end up on His picture wall for you, because that was a moment that He will treasure forever.

Until next time,


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