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{Faith} When I didn’t Get the Job…

Written By: Kerrington Sweeney
My very first interview.  What I thought would have been my very first ‘real’ job.  I was beyond thrilled to accomplish this goal within the ending of the teenage years of my life.
I went into the job interview that one summer mid-June day, thinking that I’d be walking out of that place with great-confidence.  A guaranteed job and my new work schedule in hand.
Well let me tell you dear readers, if you were like I once was and you think that getting a job is super easy-peasy, I am sorry to say that you’re wrong.  Let me be completely vulnerable with you for a minute…Getting a job is difficult.  It’s hard.  It’s emotional.  And sometimes it just plain, old, hurts.  Like a lot.
I walked into that interview.  Excited.  Passionate and ready for all that God would have me to accomplish in that place.
Right before they came to get me from the lobby to begin the interview,
I went to ladies restroom where I began to pray the hardest I have ever prayed.  I prayed for peace.  I prayed for confidence in a humble manor.  I prayed that THIS would be my job.
I left that interview.  Yes, feeling confident in myself.  Feeling that maybe I would have this summer ‘dream job.’  I felt great about the interview, it went well and I felt that I had conducted myself professionally, especially for my age.  Obviously, they couldn’t tell me on the spot, if I had the job, but it felt like I ‘had it in the bag’ so to say. “I prayed that I would get this job, God won’t let me down on this one.”  At least, that’s what I thought…
About a weeks time had past, after that nerve wracking interview day.  My phone lit up…I was receiving a phone call from the Pastor who was hiring.  I remember feeling overwhelmed with mixed emotions, when swiping the green ‘answer’ button on my iPhone that day and then hearing the words “I am sorry to say, but we can’t hire you…”
*insert big GULP*
In those ridiculously low moments…Satan came with all his power, in hopes to tear me down and rip me to absolute shreds.  This situation was one, I was not at all prepared for.  My confidence was gone.  My heart ached.  I felt like a complete failure.  Like, as if someone just came and engraved failure on top of my name for LIFE.  I felt unworthy.
After I attempted to keep it all together on the phone, I ran to my bedroom, shut my door and collapsed on to my bed.  Right then and there, I began to have one of those good old-fashioned crying sessions.  I wept like I have never wept before.
My Mom came into my bedroom…and of course, my mom being my mom, had a profound statement for this situation and it changed my life in that moment, she said: “Just because you didn’t get that job, doesn’t mean that you’re not good enough.  Doesn’t mean that you will never get a good job, like this one.  God has plans for you.  Trust Him.  Wait patiently honey.”
I cling to those insightful words daily, as I walk through situations where my patience and grace are truly tested to their full capacities.
This experience in my life was where I wondered and questioned, “What in the great world, is the Lord trying to teach me through this awful and tough situation?”
Sisters, I have experienced one too many of those ‘situations’ in my life time, but I am reminded that these are situations, that I can now look back on and reflect.  I am able to see how God has taught me some very valuable life lessons through these tough seasons.
Let’s pray together, sisters.
Dear Heavenly Father,
I thank you for this experience in my life.  Although, it may have been quite painful at the time, I praise you for this opportunity to learn yet another life-lesson.  I thank you for the words that you uncovered within my heart to share with these readers and I ask that YOU would be with them today.  Be with them in the moments where they just feel like they are at the end of their rope.  I pray this all in Your precious Holy Name, Jesus! Amen!!!
Until Next Time,

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