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{Life} Be. 

Written By: Kerrington Sweeney
For the past 3 years, I have chosen a word of the year.  It has been such an incredible experience to watch each word truly come to life, as I have journeyed through each year.  For 2016, I was struggling in a sense of choosing my word.  As I was wrapping up, what was an emotionally messy year of 2015, I began praying and petitioning God, what my word was to be for 2016.

After much prayer, tears, and a ready heart to move forward, my word was birthed directly unto my very soul.  I felt ready now, to conquer a new year of battles, trials and circumstances with a new strength and greater faith.  My word for 2016 is….


Now you may be thinking to yourself, “Why in the world would she pick the word ‘Be’?!?” It’s not inspirational, it’s not something that will push her forward with encouragement to press on, it’s not even that nice of a word.  I mean, it’s just a plain old verb.

Well readers, let me share with you…Why it is, that my word is “Be.”  The definition of Be, on the online dictionary is this — to exist. occur or take place.

Psalm 37:7 says…“Be still before the Lord and wait patiently.” 

This verse, reminds us to Be still.  And like this verse in 2016, my desire for the year is to simply stop and be.  Be happy.  Be focused.  Be present.  Be real.  Be ready.  Be.  To be in the moments, where the world says it’s hopeless, my desire is to be hope.  To be in the places, where everyone says she’s just unlovable, my desire is to be love.  To be with the people everyone would classify as ‘misfits’ and ostracize, my desire is to be a friend.

My desire is to….Be.

In conclusion for today, let’s pray:

Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank you for the opportunity of seeing words truly come to life in our busy everyday lives.  Thank you, for being the creator of good things in us.  I come to you, with a full, grateful heart…seeing your creativity flow through me and friends is a wonderful sight to see.  I pray that each reader of this post would be reminded that even in this crazy fast-paced culture we abide in, to simply stop and just be.  I pray this all in your precious name, Jesus! Amen!!!

So readers, friends and family…take up the challenge.  Pick a word of the year and see it truly come to life, right before your very eyes.  Bless you!

Until Next Time,



5 thoughts on “{Life} Be. ”

  1. The Lord spoke the word “Triumphant” to me for this year. It’s a word I have probably never used in my every day vocabulary , but speaks so profoundly to me. My family is going through a tremendous and heartbreaking battle right now and TRIUMPHANT is just the word we need!


  2. My word is HOPE for this year! I believed I had a lot of HOPE and that I was consistently spreading HOPE and yet God continually put it on my heart! I am already seeing God do a work with this word just in these first few days of 2016! I love your word!


  3. BE is a good word of the year! God is much more concerned with who we ARE than with what we DO, so BE makes perfect sense as your word. Look forward to seeing what God teaches you this year.


  4. In December my intention was to “be present”. There’s so much in that word “be”. The Lord led me to “run” as in Hebrews 12:1 this year….putting off the things that hinder and running the race He has set before me. I’m a couple years into having a word for the year, and it’s really been helpful….keeps me grounded and centered on what’s important.


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