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{Worth} Worth in the Rubble Part 1

Written By: Melissa Longval


Of all the amazing things that happened to the Israelites during their advancement into the Promised Land, it is in the woman, Rahab, that I see the greatest miracle.  This woman, known for her profession and reputation, saved not only the lives of the two Hebrew spies, but she also saved her entire family from the advancing army of God’s people.

Joshua, Moses’ successor, had sent out two spies to view the lay of the land.  Joshua understood the importance of a good report, so these spies must have been trustworthy with strong integrity.  As they made their way into the walled city of Jericho, they stopped at the house of a prostitute named Rahab.

Ugh…imagine if your mistakes, bad choices, or faults determined your worth.  Oh yeah, for most of us, they do.  Rahab, the prostitute.  Hmmm…what would I be? Melissa, the liar.  Or perhaps, Melissa, the two-faced.  What about you?

Do you let these labels determine your worth?  I would love to say that I do NOT, but that would be a lie.  How often do these labels try to reclaim me when I am weak, lonely or stressed?  I know I am not alone.  So many people that I love and treasure have such a hard time remembering their worth.

Perhaps this is why I love the story of Rahab.  She determined to save herself and her family.  As the rest of Jericho cowered with their hearts melting in fear, this woman understood the One whom she should fear – the Lord God of Israel!

And as soon as we heard it, our hearts melted, and there was no spirit left in any man because of you, for the Lord your God, he is God in the heavens above and on the earth beneath. Now then, please swear to me by the Lord that, as I have dealt kindly with you, you also will deal kindly with my father’s house, and give me a sure sign that you will save alive my father and mother, my brothers and sisters, and all who belong to them, and deliver our lives from death. Joshua 2: 11-13

This woman did not let her occupation, reputation, or situation deter her from her purpose.  I certainly don’t know the details of her life, but I imagine labels stuck to her as they do to us today.  Rahab recognized the One true God and determined to meet Him.  Her pagan culture had failed in the presence of Yahweh and His people.  This gentile woman recognized the source of true power and might; the One in whose image she and her family were made, and bargained for their lives.

Sweet friends, do you recognize the source of your worth?  Do you understand where true power and your identity are found?

Join me next time as we dig deeper into this beautiful story of redemption, salvation, and worth.

Until next time,


6 thoughts on “{Worth} Worth in the Rubble Part 1”

  1. Wow, I just started a women’s Bible study at church on insecurity. I am sensing a theme, here Lord! I thing this in an area He wants to work on in me this new year!
    Thanks so much for sharing! I look forward to hearing more!

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  2. This, my worth, is something I struggle with. In my HEAD, I know I have infinite worth because I am a daughter of the one true King. My heart just doesn’t seem to always have that same knowledge. Sometimes it does, but sometimes not. I want to be free of the labels that, frankly, I believe I place on myself more than anyone else does. Looking forward to your next post!

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    1. Hello my sweet friend! If only we could see how much we are loved…that that would be the most defining factor, not what we see, hear, and feel. To me, you are so wonderful, kind, smart, helpful, encouraging, beautiful! I can only imagine the love song Jesus sings over you ❤


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