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{The Diamond Movement} Day 17!

The Diamond Movement
Written By: Rachel Shaw

God has a lot to say about our identity and worth found in Jesus Christ. As we have been studying together we know that we are loved, special and created beautifully for a purpose. 

I want to do an exercise together. 

In your journal (or anywhere really), write 5 things that you love about your outward appearance. (eye colour, hair texture, skin, cute nose etc.) 

After you write those 5 things, write 5 things that you love about your character. (Personality– funny, genuine, respectful etc.) 
I did this exercise and found that it was kind of tough. Sometimes it’s so easy for us to constantly think of the negatives. It’s so simple to think of all the things we hate about ourselves. “The things I do wrong, the mistakes I make………”

God wants us to be confident. 

God wants us to know our identity. 

God wants us to really know our worth. 

The more we know our worth, the more confident we are. 
The more confident we are – the more we set higher standards for ourselves. (Standards as in spouse, future family, career, life decisions) 
Really meditate and think about the things that you wrote down. Be confident, knowing your worth in Jesus Christ. Throughout the week, continue adding to the lists. Add more and more things you love about yourself as we continue this journey on identity and worth.
Thank you Jesus for fearfully and wonderfully creating us. We are made in Your image, and for that, we are thankful. Create in us a new heart. Make us to be strong and wise women, who are confident in our identity. Continue to help us understand our real worth.
In Jesus name,



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