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{The Diamond Movement} Day 15!

The Diamond Movement

Written By: Krystyn Slauenwhite 

In my eyes everyone is worthy. You are valuable in your own unique way. We each bring something special to this world, that’s the way God intended it for us. 
I still struggle with self worth. I know most of us have been there. There are mornings I wake up and feel inspired and believe in myself then there are mornings I don’t feel “good enough.” 

Growing up I was always finding a way to feel worthy. I would try to find it in relationships, friendships, other peers and I may have felt good from time to time but deep down inside I would still feel worthless. That area of my life wasn’t full. There was something missing. 

It was a message I felt God gave me one day. It was during one of my quiet times. I felt God speaking to me saying: “Daughter, I love you very much. Your worthiness is found in me. Seek me.” Every once in awhile I hear God through an audible voice. Everyone hears God differently, sometimes it’s God speaking through someone who is giving you encouragement or He could be that positive voice inside of your head. My heart felt so full in that moment and I knew it was God! 

From this day on, I lean on those words. I wanted to share that story with every one because I believe He wants all of His sons and daughters to know how worthy and valuable you are, that He loves you all very much and sees so much beauty in us. 

I want to leave with you something I do when I start to feel like I’m not worthy. I write down some things I love about myself. Find 5 things. Write them down then say them out loud. What a great reminder of how valuable each one of us is 🙂
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