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{The Diamond Movement} Day 8!

The Diamond Movement

Written By: Megan Kincheloe

Not too long ago, I turned on the television and was immediately captivated by the Miss America pageant.  I am always in awe of how hard these ladies appear to work to prepare for this huge, once in a lifetime event.  Shortly after tuning in, it was time for the swimsuit competition.  As the first finalist took the stage, a very catchy song began to play and the beat was easy to bop along with.  After a few seconds, I became mindful of the lyrics to the song. “Baby I’m worth it, Uh huh I’m worth it.” (Fifth Harmony) I found myself singing along before long and then my Spirit quickly became saddened.  I started to think about our daughter and how she would define her worth as she continues to grow up and mature.
Not much time elapsed before I realized where the sadness originated.  Deep in my soul I was hoping our sweet girl would not follow in her mother’s footsteps as she learned to define her worth.  I desperately wanted to wake her up in that moment out of her sound sleep and teach her about her worth as a Princess and a daughter of the King.  I let her sleep.  Unfortunately, for quite a while after this moment, sleep evaded me.  I continued to ponder all of the ways I used to determine my worth in this world.  There lies problem number one.  I was attempting to ascertain my worth using worldly criteria.  Here are some ways that went down…
I based my worth on how many friends I had.  Sad, huh?  Don’t get me wrong…I absolutely LOVE people.  My philosophy has always been ‘the more, the merrier.’  I always confidently described myself as an extrovert.  Then I spent the past several years getting to know myself and decided that I could easily fall in love with being slightly more introverted.  God showed me the value of having a few, solid friendships and filled me with such peace as I learned the beauty in solitude. Proverbs 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” (NIV)  In these solid friendships, there is no devaluing of worth…because Christ is at the center of them, and you naturally inspire and encourage each other to be the best version of yourself you can possibly be.  And when you fall, there is no judgment. 
I based my worth on my appearance.  I specifically remember feeling super insecure if I was having excessive breakouts.  I struggled to look people in the eye, and would talk and laugh with my hand up close to my face as if I needed to cover them up.  I was also embarrassed because I never had name-brand clothes.  My mother was frugal and spent her money wisely, and while I never wanted for anything, I always wanted better.  I appreciate this so much at this stage of my life, however; back then I saw this as another reason to doubt my worth.  I wasn’t good enough to hang with the ‘in crowd’ because my pants didn’t have GAP stitched on them.
Sisters, let me tell you why you are invaluable.  Psalm 139:14 tells us, “You are fearfully and wonderfully made.”  Way before that even, Genesis tells us we were created in the image of God.  IN THE IMAGE OF GOD.  My gracious ladies!  Will you just pause for one moment and think about how our Heavenly Father grieves when we doubt our worth?  He created us and even numbered the hairs on our heads.  When we devalue ourselves, we are criticizing His handiwork!  His masterpiece!  You do not have worth because of anything you have done, sweet gals…but because of who HE is.  Nothing you say, nothing you do, nothing about your appearance, and nothing about your circumstances could ever cause Him to waiver on how much you are worth to Him.  You are worth so much that He gave His one…slow down and soak this in…He gave His ONE AND ONLY SON so that we may have eternal life.  ETERNAL LIFE.  I don’t know about you…but that convinces me that oh yeah, I’m worth it.

About Megan: 

Megan Kincheloe

Megan loves Jesus and is passionate about sharing His love with others. She loves to write and encourage other women to be bold in their faith. God has recently given her a burning desire to minister to teens to ensure they know their value in who He has created them to be. She has been a Christian for as long as she can remember but strayed away from living a lifestyle that represented Him well. She is forever grateful for His grace and mercy and endless pursuit of her heart, and hopes that her writing will encourage others to press forward in His grace. Megan has been married to Chris for 10 years and has 2 awesome children, Graycie and Colt.
Megan faithfully serves on the writing team at We are His Daughters! You can find more of her writing here:

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