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{Faith} Having Faith in all Circumstances.

Written By: Taylor Fast

This past year was a very exciting year for me, and it continues to be! At the beginning of last year I was planning my wedding and saving every penny I could. It was brought up to me around this time that my church was going on a mission’s trip to Honduras. I have known for years now that I have been called to short-term missions and it broke my heart to think I would not be able to go this year, due to my lack of money. You see, there were other concerns that needed to be taken care of, my fiancé and I were looking at houses, wedding expenses, and all those other lovely bills that come along with this new transition. It was pretty obvious to me that I would have to miss out on this mission’s trip, but I decided to pray about it anyways. I prayed that at least God would give me peace about not being able to attend this year.

James 1:6 “But when he/she asks, they must believe and not doubt, because those who doubt are like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.”

The trip was still frequently on my mind, but I stayed consistent with my prayers of God giving me peace with the situation. Not soon after I got a phone call from one of the most beautiful couples I know, my grandparents. They called and told me they felt it on their hearts to help pay for me to go to Honduras. I immediately burst into tears! How could I ever thank them for something like this? Through my faith and prayer, I was blessed in an incredible way, which allowed me to bless others in Honduras. My experience in Honduras was life altering and I am so glad it was apart of God’s plan to allow me to go on the mission’s trip.

When we have faith in God we have the opportunity to bless others and/or be the one who receives the blessing. For those of you who are wondering why a certain situation is not necessarily going your way. Have faith, God has a better plan than you could ever imagine! Even if you cannot see the path right now, pray, read your Bible, and seek support from positive influences around you. Walk by faith, not by sight.

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