{Gratefulness Week} The Little Things.

A week of gratefulness

Written By: Alexandra Jezierski

It’s the little things. Little things that add sparkle to our everyday lives.
It’s so easy to take them for granted. My eight-year old sister exclaiming “I love you!” My dog jumping on the couch next to me. Washing dishes while singing oldies with my sisters. A family picnic at the park. Reading bedtime stories to my little brother.
Funny, now that I’m away at college eight hours from home, I can look back at all these things and realize how much I value each and every one of those moments, even though they’re so -well- everyday-ish. I flip through the memories like through the pages of a book and they bring a comforting sense of peace into my heart.
Now, I can look back at the moments that at first frustrated me and start finding beauty and humor even in what annoyed me. I can laugh when I think of our eight-hour family trips while the kids go absolute nuts from being cooped up so long. I’m amused thinking about the days I couldn’t see the floor because of my little siblings’ toys carpeting the ground. I laugh at the tears I shed doing Saxon math. (Just kidding about that last one. Saxon? The very word sends a chill down my spine. Scarred for life.)
It makes me realize that the moments I’m going through now have an element of wonder and loveliness too. When summer vacation comes, I’ll be laughing at myself panicking about school assignments and stumbling sleepily to class after pulling an all-nighter to write an essay. (Tried that once…never again. I learned my lesson.) I’ll crack jokes about shivering in class thanks to the cold weather up here that starts in September.
So why not just make the most of it right now and recognize that each minute I have is God’s gift to me? Why not just breathe, take it all in, and say “Thank-you Jesus”?
Sometimes it’s just as easy to get bogged down by the big things as the little things.
When things aren’t going as planned in your life, it can get kind of depressing. And that’s where we need to get the big picture.
Life, beauty, goodness, truth… In the grand scheme of things everything connects. When you make the most of the seemingly boring, everyday things, you’re living your life to the fullest. It’s what I’m learning in college, studying the liberal arts, right now. I’m finding out about the pursuit of Truth and how God, friends, school…life… all connect.
Being grateful is an adventure. Once you start working on becoming more conscious of the little things, you start noticing the loveliness of putting on an apron, the brightness of a sunflower out your window, the charm of a hot cup of tea. You start finding the zest of life in even the smallest of moments. Those moments are the melody to your song, the color to your masterpiece of art. And what’s a song without a tune and what’s art without the vibrancy of color? (yes, at this school we also learn metaphor…)
It’s kind of mind-boggling to think about every minute, every situation Jesus has given specially to each one of us. His love for me is more than I can measure and one little way I can think of thanking Him is to do each little thing while sending up a quick thought and a prayer to Him, offering it to Him.
Those moments… they are the music to your life. Don’t miss out. Life is honestly a million and one times better if we choose to dance to God’s melody rather than standing by like a wallflower. Just live every moment one by one as it comes your way. Live it. Breathe it. Soak it in and share it with Jesus. What better way to show God your gratefulness than choosing to live even your smallest moments with the One who loves you most.
About Alexandra:  
Alexandra Jezierski is the oldest of six children, a homeschool graduate, and currently attending college at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy (which has a grand total of eighty students and is located in an obscure, snowy little town called Barry’s Bay…yet somehow she still cannot think of a school she could love better). Her greatest passions are her Faith, the pro-life cause, and her family. This school year, she has been studying hard (shucks, that sounded good. But the truth comes out: she’s been pursuing her favourite hobbies: baking, dancing, acting, and writing). She is rather in love with tea, novels, pretty dresses, “The Sound of Music,” dogs, big families, moonlit walks, and stories. The list could go on but the length may require a novel…

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