{Miracles Week} Challenge accepted.

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Written By: Shawn Chadwick

First I would like to thank Jesus for who He is and  all He has done for me. Also, Kerrington Sweeney and the women’s ministry she is apart of for this amazing opportunity. And last, but not least, I would like to thank you for setting aside time to hear what I have to say. Thank you 🙂

So where to begin….Jesus is amazing and loves to give. To begin this testimony I would like to say I have been to the state of California four times and I have not paid a dime other then food costs. Even with food, people offered to pay for my meal! God is so good. Each time I have journeyed to Cali, there has been supernatural provision from money, to hotel expenses being covered. However the last time I went is by far the most miraculous.

My family and I felt we were suppose to go to California for Revival meetings and a school of ministry. Problem being, as nice as this would be, we all worked full time, the airfare alone would be over $2500 and we just bought a new house. We began to seek the Lord on how those would all come about and God began to move. First off, I worked full time and my hours the week of the trip magically disappeared and doubled for when I would come back. My mom was a witness in an assault case, and she was set to testify the Friday of the trip…the  court date was moved 6 months. Now my Dad, love my Dad, was not sold on the idea. I mean, who would be, mortgage, time off and not to mention over $3500 in travel expenses. So my mom sat down with my dad and said “Honey, what would it take for you to know God is telling us to go?”

My dad replied, “Someone we have never seen before walking up to us and handing us an envelope full of money that would cover everything.”

It’s like God had a huge smile across His face and said, “Challenge accepted.”

The next day, our hotel arrangements were covered by someone who felt God told them to cover our hotel expenses. Now that’s great, but we still haven’t booked the trip. We didn’t know God had that worked out.

Three days later, a woman who NO ONE knew, walked into my mom’s office, handed the Secretary an ENVELOPE and said, “Could you please give this to Toni, God wants to bless her finances.” And walked out.

Thinking it a bit odd, the Secretary immediately went to my mother and gave her the envelope, she then preceded to walk out the office to talk to the woman who was there less than 30 seconds ago. However, when reaching the parking lot, no one was there….

Back in her office, she opened the envelope to find the EXACT amount we needed to cover everything for the trip!

So needless to say, God wanted us there lol. Even upon arriving, we found the school was over booked, but not only did God get us in, but floor seats in an auditorium of over 3,000 people from all over the world.

My friend, God wants to bless you, He just wants you to have the audacity to ask and believe.

Let’s pray! Father, I release supernatural breakthrough in finances, business, and dreams. I authorize the transaction between Heaven and Earth or a poured out blessing. In Jesus name. Amen!

Thanks for reading! Till next time Be blessed and Shalom!

About Shawn Chadwick:

Shawn has a passion to build up, strengthen, and equip the next generation to flourish in both their relationship with Christ and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. His call in life is to restore the Father’s heart to an orphaned generation and call the sons and daughters home. Shawn is a 22 year old college student from Cottam, Ontario.


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