{Miracles Week} Forgiven.

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Written By: Gail Chaulk

What a blessing it is to share what God has done for me and let you know that He is no respecter of persons.  What He did for me, He can do for you!  My husband and I have been giving to the house of God, in tithe and offering, all of our 21 years of marriage. A few years ago, we found ourselves in debt that seemed unmanageable and we needed help.

Our church strongly teaches about putting God’s house first and He will take care of your house. We lived by that principle, but we were in trouble. We began reading books by Dave Ramsey about getting out of debt and becoming debt free!  It sounded awesome, but very daunting.  We decided with God’s help we could do it, and we would give it our best shot.  It was not a short fix, but we began to work at it.  My husband and I came into agreement and we started working the principles.  We were able to pay off all of our credit cards and found success and then paid off our vehicles.  The next part is when you see God really show up.  After we had paid all of those bills we received a notice from our bank for our home equity loan.  The notice stated that we were being “forgiven” our $36,000 home equity loan and we were not required to do anything.

Now, I don’t know about you, but even the terminology they used in this notice sounded like God to me. Our God forgives us and it is not because of anything we have done, but a free gift from Him.  We are blessed and continue to trust God in all of our ways and hope that you will do the same.  We serve a good God and I just love this testimony in our lives, because it reminds me of how much God loves me and wants to bless me and He wants to do it for you too!

About Gail:

Gail Chaulk is happily married to a wonderful man named Paul. (Her awesome Canadian hubby). She is a 47 year old mother of two. Her Son, is 23 and his name is Matthew and He was recently married to her now beautiful daughter-in-law, sweet Katie. Gail’s daughter is 20 and her name is Ashley, and she has been working with children at a local elementary school as a teaching assistant. Gail is a third grade teacher and absolutely loves her job! School has just started in Ocala, Florida, where Gail resides. She has totally enjoyed working with these precious children for the last week.


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