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{UYM Bible Study} Day 8. Tell it Tuesdays!

Tell it Tuesdays

Hello Ladies:

Welcome to Tell It Tuesdays…This is where we get real. Today’s challenge, is to tell it. What’s one struggle your facing right here, right now. I know at times, we have a fear of being vulnerable and sharing our struggles but, I believe in ‘sharing the burden.’ As I was preparing for today, I stumbled on to the verse in the Bible  Isaiah 66:9 it says…

“I will not cause pain, without allowing something new to be born. Says the Lord.”

The struggle-some season you may be caught in currently, won’t last forever and to think that it says something new will become out of this. How amazing is that. When you feel at your lowest point…your rock bottom…You can look up and know that God already has incredible plans for you.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank you for each and every woman reading this. I thank you for allowing us this opportunity to share our burdens, to lighten our loads. We know that, you are the ultimate creator, mentor and guide. I thank you for every struggle that was confessed today. God I thank you, for the new levels of vulnerability and courage these women are stepping into. I ask a special blessing on each of them, as we all continue to grow and draw closer to you on a daily basis. We pray this in your precious Holy Name. Amen!!

Bless you UYM Bible Study Group!

~Kerrington Sweeney


1 thought on “{UYM Bible Study} Day 8. Tell it Tuesdays!”

  1. I have been struggling with feeling that God does not see me. Remember in gym class when you were waiting to get picked for teams and the one to your left and right, and in front and behind you got picked but you didn’t ….thats me right know.


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