{Miracles Week} Long awaited Miracle.

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Written By: Katie Wilson

Ruby Irene Short was born December 16th 1920, and packed inside this little woman, who was just 4’11, was one of the strongest women I’ve known.  She was a loving wife, mother, grandmother, and the inspiration for my music, and I am so incredibly blessed to call this God- fearing woman my grandmother.

My grandma was married to a non-Christian man, and while she was pregnant with her first child, the man faced a tragic accident and died. As she grieved for an entire year, her parent’s dragged my grandma and her infant daughter, Marlene, to church.  There was an alter call on that day, and she ran up to the front, and was saved from that day on, and that is where her life truly began.

She went on to marry my grandpa Mac Wilson, and had 4 other children; Paul, David, Merrie, and my father Charles. Mac was a preacher, and during this time pastors in Timmins were highly persecuted.  Both my grandmother and my grandfather went through many hardships but still they pushed through as devoted Christians. Time went on and her children had grown,  and both my uncles had fallen away from the church, and still my grandma prayed. She is what we all called a hard-core prayer warrior.  She prayed day after day, year after year for her children, and her grandchildren that they would all serve the Lord with all their hearts.  As more time went on, before I was even born, my grandpa Mac unfortunately passed away. But my grandma still stayed faithful, and continued to pray for her miracle.

When my grandmother was in her 60’s, she married my grandpa Bob, who later passed away after only a decade of them being married. She outlived three husbands, went through so many trials, and still was not discouraged or disheartened. She still continued to pray for her miracle- that her sons would be saved. During the last 4 years of her life, my grandmother had grown so tired, weak, frail, sickly and so ready to go up to heaven to be with God, but still continued to faithfully pray for her miracle.

My uncle Paul, my grandmother’s oldest son, was diagnosed with cancer nearly a year ago from now.   For a 93 year old mother to hear that her son has cancer was absolutely heart breaking, but still she continued to pray that her son would come to find Jesus before his time on this world run out. During the last few months of my Uncle Paul’s life, my dad, who is a pastor, had a few talks with him. After having a very troubled past, and 50 years of running from his faith, my uncle Paul finally returned home to the God who had been waiting for him for too long. My uncle passed away December 12th, 2014, and although this was a heartbreak to our entire family, we all know that my uncle gave his heart to the Lord and that we are all going to see him again one day.

My grandma had spent 50 years of her life consistently praying for her son.  50 years! And after losing three of her husbands, her faith in our God did not shake, it didn’t crumble, and she could not be moved. 50 years of praying for her miracle and she lived to see that God holds tight to His promises, and that He is faithful and good. My grandmother went to heaven to be with her husbands and son 19 days after my uncle Paul’s death on December 31st, 2014. We all like to say that my grandma had 94 years on this earth so she could continue to pray for my uncle and so she could see that God would come through on her miracle.

Sometimes you can’t expect your miracles to happen overnight.  God’s timing is perfect in every way, so don’t be discouraged if your miracle doesn’t happen right away.  It could take days, months, or even 50 years.  God is faithful and has His own timing, but being willing to trust and wait for your miracles is what matters. If there was one thing I want to pass on to my own future children about their great grandmother, it is that her life is a testimony of God’s miracles.  Our God is greater and stronger than all

other circumstances.  It may take 50 years for your miracle to happen, but don’t be discouraged.  Trust His timing and His goodness in all life’s circumstances.

About Katie:

Katie Wilson

Katie is a proud “PK”, a and a God- loving lady who is a worship and youth leader at bethel church in Wallaceburg, Ontario.


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