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{Life} One small step.

Written By: Joceline Sweeney

Dedicated To: Evelyne Brochu

Do you ever struggle with purpose? Does my life really matter? What difference am I really making in this world? Do my daily decision make any impact on my future? My destiny? What about my children’s destiny or even possibly my grandchildren’s destiny? Surely what I do today won’t affect anyone that far into the future. Choices I make now? Today? Really?

I’m here to share with you a little story.

A revelation was made on this very subject this week in my living room. My mom was simply pondering about her input into my daughters’ lives, what had she done to contribute to whom they had become? Had any of the life choices she made, had an impact on her children’s destinies or even her grandchildren’s’ destinies?

One small step was really all it was.

One small step…Out the front door to go to a Bible study, when a friend invited her, when she could of stayed home to catch up on things, she was a busy mom of three.

One small step…Picking up and reading her Bible and realizing she was a sinner, stealing time away from her pile of chores.

One small step…Kneeling to pray and confessing her sins and becoming one of God’s children, where she could have reasoned and said “we’ll I’m a mom I’m really not that bad!”

One small step…Taking her family to church, showing them how to become part of God’s family, adding to her already large work load, preparing three children to head out the door early Sunday morning when it was probably her only day to “sleep in.”

With one small step My Mom changed the entire course of our family’s destiny. Our entire family found Jesus because of her and her willingness to seek and find. To take one small step. I can say she is the reason I still have my dad around. She prayed us all into the kingdom.

Because of her small step…I am saved, and a part of God’s family. I have a home in eternity. Because of her small step I grew up in church my whole life, being protected from many mistakes that could have drastically changed my life.

Because of her small step I had the privilege of going to a Christian school, where I eventually met my Godly husband, (we celebrate 20 years this coming December!) My Christian education rooted me daily into God’s word and from that was born my passion to homeschool our three girls. Because of her small step we have raised our girls in the church and protected them from life altering decisions.

Because of her small step her granddaughter, my daughter is the founder of this website, which daily brings you encouragement, strong conviction and powerful messages.

One small step…You have purpose. Your life really matters. You are making a difference in this world. Your daily decision will affect your future, your destiny and that of your children and grandchildren. One small step will affect those in your future. The choices you make now, today, forever, all begin with one small step.

“Her children rise up and call her blessed…” ~Proverbs 31:28

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4 thoughts on “{Life} One small step.”

  1. If it weren’t for our parents straying we would be at the same point in our lives but since we have had grandma and grandpas influence we do know god and know how our parents raised us wasn’t exactly the best and so will my children as they grow to know god because of the influence they had on us grandchildren there is still hope to break the cycle and reading this helped remind me of what could be love you guys


    1. You are a mighty lady!! You have the power to raise your children in the faith! You have the knowledge of Jesus to pray with them and to give them the Hope for their children!! I am proud that you are able to raise your kiddos in the faith, so that they will one day carry this legacy for your grand-children 🙂 love you and bless you!


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