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{Faith} “If Only…”

Written By: Kerrington Sweeney

I sat quietly with The Lord one Monday morning. That particular morning I was praying deeply about my future. I began thinking about all the things I would one day like to accomplish. The more I continued thinking, the more my “If Onlys” began to come out of my mouth.

If only… I had a job.

If only… I had more money.

If only… I was older.

If only… I had a boyfriend.

If only… I was more equipped.

If only… I were more compassionate.

If only… I were more successful.

If only… I was truly cut out for ministry.

If only… I had more wisdom and discernment.


I couldn’t stop myself. I just kept coming up with all these different “If Onlys.” More and more kept popping up. The Lord stopped me in my tracks. I could feel Him telling me that if I was to give my “If Onlys” to Him, He would begin to fill those so-called “voids” I was recognizing in my life.

As soon as I took a step back and gave God complete control of these areas if my life, I began seeing God fulfill each one of those “voids.” I am still waiting for some of them to filled, and in Gods perfect timing I feel that one day they will be, but the incredibly amazing thing is… I have learned that I don’t need these things to be filled for me to live a fulfilled life. I don’t need a car to start living. I don’t need a boyfriend to start living. I don’t need that job to start living. I don’t need all of those “If Onlys” to be filled to start living.

I am in a blessed season of living life to the very fullest. With God as my helper and guide. So ladies, in closing today, I challenge you to spend some time with The Lord. Identify the “If Onlys” in your life and hand them directly over to God. You’re NOT alone. God is always in control and always will be.

Don’t be stuck living life like I once was with all those “If Onlys” crowding the way to fulfilling your future destiny. Give them to God and live in absolute freedom.

Until Next Time,



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