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{Life} The struggle of saying “No!”

Written By: Kerrington Sweeney

Recently, I was asked to take another project on. The project was so very wonderful and I would have loved to have been apart of it…but the timing was just not right and I felt that it wasn’t what God, was calling me into at that season in my life.

The struggle and harsh battle that went on in my mind to say “No” to being apart of that project was a tough one. After awhile, of contemplating different ways to say no…I just flat out and told them I was unable to be apart of the project. Saying No, was a very difficult step for me.

A guilt overcame my heart for awhile that I wasn’t being apart of it…God stopped me in my tracks one day while I was still carrying the guilt and popped a thought into mind:

“If I was to sacrifice my own time for this project, when would I have my own time to read and mediate on God’s word? When would I be able to dig deep into the Word. When would I be able to simply listen and wait on the Holy Spirit? When would I have a chance to stop everything and simply pray?”

These were some, of the many thoughts deeply pressing in my mind. Truly, God has placed this on my heart to share and that is this…

Just because the project or opportunity is so amazing and it will do great things for the continued expansion of God’s Kingdom, doesn’t always mean it’s yours to take on. We each are called with a certain Life Ministry. Some busier, than others.

The next project you are asked to be apart of…step back and think twice about where your priorities are. I challenge you to take time, and pray deeply about these projects, before accepting the opportunities.

It takes a bit of courage and strength to say “No” to projects…but sometimes it’s God’s best for you to simply say “No.”

Thanks for joining me today! I hope you enjoyed and were encouraged! Bless you!

Until Next Time,



12 thoughts on “{Life} The struggle of saying “No!””

  1. 100% agree to you Kerrington. It’s never easy to say “no” esp in the work environment. However, we need to manage ourself and be responsible whenever we say “yes” too. We need to care for ourself and strike the well balance for our own : )


  2. Sometimes a NO is good. we just really need to step back and look calmly to see the positive side of a NO decision.


  3. A very sensitive reply “No” short and simple but full of obstacle and meanings… It can be rude, it can be polite, it can be anything when put into the right tone, sentence or manner… But definitely the struggle of saying “no” is real… But once it’s said and done, move on, don’t fret over it. No point wasting energy over it hehe


  4. I have some difficulties to say No too. To my friends and even colleagues in work, until a point my bf often see me suffered with guilt which I suppose to not have this feeling. I am still in learning process though ❤


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