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{Faith} Something in the water.

Written By: Kerrington Sweeney

WATER Baptism

To this day, I will never forget the moment my life had its powerful changing turn-point. Sunday, July 20th 2013, was a day, I was changed in an instance. I have written about this particular Life event before  but, not quite this way. God keeps laying it on my heart….So share, I must!

On that particular Sunday a couple years ago, it was Baptismal Service. Oh, How I love Baptism Sundays. Such an amazing experience to watch!!

As I stood at the front of the church sanctuary (auditorium) watching many wonderful people be baptized for the very first time that day…The Lord was really tugging deeply on my heart. Me, being me at this point…didn’t really pick-up on the clues or nudges of the Holy Spirit. I just rolled them off, like they were absolutely nothing.

Little did I know, that this certain Sunday would be an unforgettable bookmarked day, on my “Life’s Timeline.” Near the end of the baptism service my senior Pastor said to the congregation…”If there is ANY one feeling like they would like to be baptized this morning come on up…we will find you a towel!! God has SO much in store for you, so much waiting for you. Just be obedient to the Holy Spirit’s leading.”

When these words were spoken…something literally leapt within my spirit man or woman I should say haha! I couldn’t stop myself it was almost like it wasn’t even me. I ran across the sanctuary (no joke…I booked it!!) To chat with my Mom who was standing on the opposite side. My Mom told me, “Listen to the Lord’s leading.” With that quick chat…I was off again making my way to the front…in the direction of the baptismal tank. I was ready for everything God had waiting for me. I was ready for “the more.” Now at this point in the post, I should inform you that I had already been baptized before that Sunday but, God had something else in mind for that Sunday.

I am now waiting near the baptismal tank in great anticipation. My heart is pounding, my legs weak, my soul so ready. For special life events, such as this, in the church, we almost every time have some sort of information class or time of preparing the heart for water baptism. Getting yourself ready for what God had coming for you, etc.

In this instance,  I didn’t have that ‘time of preparation’ although, in these moments right before stepping into the tank of water…I have never felt so prepared and ready before, in my entire life. I stepped into the water with the previous knowledge and understanding that I wasn’t coming out of that tank the person I was before. In that very moment…My past, My present, and My future were in line with the Holy Spirit, on levels I never imagined existed.

My Pastors, confirmed that this was a very powerful day in my Life. They said very clearly that my previous baptism was a personal connection with my Heavenly Father but, that TODAY wad a baptism of ministry. Everything that God was calling me into, was set in front of me. I was ready. I felt the deeper calling, coming directly into my heart. I was thrilled and ready for “the more.”

As I went down under the refreshing waters in the tank that day, something old (my past) was taken and washed away. I was cleansed deeply, soul, mind, body, and spirit. I came up from under the water, changed forever. No longer, would I be walking in my old life-style but, I would be walking in a brand new call upon my life. A new season. A changed heart.

That day, the flood gates of the Holy Spirit opened wide within me. A change happened that day…I wasn’t expecting it. It was just an ordinary moment, face to face with my extraordinary Heavenly Father. He crashed over me like a tidal wave. His Love was abundant. Never ending. Eternal.

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